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MSDS-SEARCH   "The First Place to Look for an MSDS"

September 28, 1998 --

Nashville, TN – MSDS-SEARCH.COM, Inc. today transforms the way hazardous chemical information is communicated by unveiling a new World Wide Web site that provides the most comprehensive single address for information related to the document known as a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

The new site, MSDS-SEARCH ( has been designed for accessibility, allowing information to be found quickly and easily. The site has been optimized for quick retrieval and rapid display. Prominent links between pages have been designed and tested to provide the most intuitive means of navigating through the large site.

"Our goal is to make MSDS-SEARCH the conduit between the users of MSDS information and any reliable source," said Bob Logue, Chief Operating Officer – MSDS-SEARCH.COM, Inc. "Since 1992 we have been encouraging manufacturers to make their MSDSs available at a single location at no cost to their customers and share in the economies and efficiencies to be realized. MSDS-SEARCH is designed to be a reliable starting point for exchange of MSDSs - a single contact point for suppliers and users where both parties are assured that the documents exchanged meet the requirements of being "the most current MSDS" and "from the manufacturer"."

MSDS-SEARCH has been designed for flexibility: links to over 600 manufacturer web sites, a searchable database where manufacturers can post their MSDSs for their customers, and links to other databases, government sites, and software companies will be renewed and revised on an as needed bases-often several times a day.

"We have established a mechanism for the electronic connection of manufacturers, distributors, customers, government agencies, transporters, and emergency responders in a single, international, data base with all MSDSs available in text format, that is free to anyone with Internet access," said Jon McClimon, President and CEO.

MSDS-SEARCH contains four main areas:

  • MSDS-SEARCH database
  • Links to MSDSs on the Internet
  • Dictionary of MSDS Terms
  • Background Information

The MSDS-SEARCH database is a fully functional system that allows users to search on 5 different fields: Search ID#, Manufacturer, Product Name, Product Number, and Synonyms. Files are in ASCII text format so that they can be accessed and downloaded quickly, and then be easily indexed and fully searchable by the user. The search engine is designed to allow for queries when the user only has partial information.


The Links section contains the largest number of links ever assembled pointing directly to MSDSs on manufacturer’s web sites, as well as links to other large databases containing hundreds of thousands of public domain documents. Analytical comments have been added for the user’s convenience.

MSDS-SEARCH.COM, Inc. has made a long-term commitment to reducing administration costs for providers and users of MSDSs allowing them to realize economies of scale that will remove billions of dollars of waste from the current system.

"The mission critical information we provide will enhance profits, make our workplaces and communities safer, facilitate the treatment and reduce the severity of injuries, and save lives," said Jon McClimon. "In our leadership role, we believe our first responsibility is to the manufacturers and chemical product customers who use this service. It is "The First Place to Look for an MSDS"."

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