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Directory of Environmental Software Suppliers
The 1999 Safety & Health Software Census


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3E   On-Line service provides modules in Health and Safety, Environmental and Transportation.
ACOHS Pty Ltd Australian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (ACOHS Pty Ltd) provides Infosafe software for MSDS management, MSDSs on CD-ROM, and web based MSDS management services.
Actio Software Corporation MSDS VAULT is a web based MSDS management system that enables companies to outsource MSDS management to comply with federal, state and local regulations.  It is accessible 24/7 via standard browser technology with a low cost of adoption.
Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc. Maintain chemical inventories - ACD/ChemFolder easily databases chemicals linked with locations, synthesis information, manufacturer, MSDS, etc.
Advanced Software Designs Plant maintenance management software that allows attachment of MSDS information.
Airiatech Software management of Cards of Data of Security (FDS) for dangerous products.  French language
American Management Systems, Inc. HCS Online Module provides Web-based access to MSDSs and tracks chemical usage in work areas. HCS also offers Authoring, Distribution, and Labeling Modules.
Applied Training Resources MSDS Management System is an enterprise-wide solution for chemical data management and reporting. Import your existing MSDS database or export MSDSs via e-mail, fax, or print to multiple formats.
ATRION International (Clearcross) CHEMMATE software provides end-to-end EHS&T functionality including compliance optimization, intelligent authoring, management and distribution of material safety data sheets, plus environmental auditing, reporting and management of hazardous materials.
Aurora Data Systems, Inc CD-ROM with 227,000 MSDSs. MSDS Management software with inventory, archiving, authoring, SARA Reporting, and container labeling.
Automated Workplace Safety, Inc. Current WHAM products include WHAM-JSA for job safety analysis, WHAM-Lock for lockout/tagout and
WHAM-Risk for risk assessment  procedure creation.
AV Systems, Inc. Software modules to help you author and manage material safety data sheets, disseminate them within a company and / or distribute them to your customers.
Bara Environmental Solutions, Inc. MSDS management Services and Software.
Bluegate s.a. Software enables the creation, publishing and distribution of multilingual Safety Data Sheets to meet health, environment, safety and transportation requirements. It handles EC and ISO directives as well as multilingual product-related documents, such as Tremcards and labels.
Business Ware, Inc. MSDS software available for PC, client server, and AS400 platforms.
CampuSafe Systems SAFECHEM for Windows is a global, multi-lingual chemical safety database system, with label and inventory tracking capability, expandable standard phrase library, preloaded chemicals and Internet capability.
C&P Press, Inc. Software offers 1300 full text Material Safety Data Sheets, can display and print hazardous chemical inventory,  worker protection forms by brand name, and updated DOT shipping information by brand name.
CCOHS Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety has a supplier MSDS database - approximately 100,000 English and 50,000 French MSDS from about 1000 suppliers. Both are available on a subscription basis on CD-ROM.
ChemADVISOR, Inc. Description:  ChemADVISOR provides an MSDS authoring software [ChemSDS+(r)] and maintains/distributes a large chemical regulatory
data database [LOLI(r)].  The company also provides service in writing and maintaining MSDSs and consumer & industrial label statements.
ChemExper Chemical Directory software contains 25,000 chemical structures, 4,000 MSDS and 12,000 products that can be searched by registry number, molecular formula, chemical name, or synonyms in different languages.
Chemical Compliance Systems, Inc. Offer compliance software for MSDSs, industrial safety, pollution prevention chemical inventory control, site assessment and waste management
Chemical Safety Corporation MSDS for Windows software allows Material Safety Data Sheets to be imported and managed from a variety of sources: CD-ROM, electronic databases, scanners, fax or any word processing system.
Chempliant International  Company offers software to create 16 Section MSDSs, manage and distribute MSDSs, and sells a CD-ROM of 140,000 MSDSs from the Government's HMIS database.
Chempute Offers CCOHS MSDS database, a collection of over 88,000 Material Safety Data Sheets on CD-Rom.
ChemSW, Inc. MSDS software and CD-Rom collections.
Chem-Tel, Inc. Provides a custom built "Portable Web" that is easily run on any Intranet, or stand-alone machine, and allows instant access to View, Print or FAX your MSDSs.   
Chesnet, Inc. SafetyNet service provides subscriber with access to 20,000 MSDSs on line. (Formerly AFSNet, Inc.).
Clearcross ClearCross offers comprehensive and platform-neutral solutions that optimize your current investments and will seamlessly support your migration to e-business.
Compliance Communications, LLC The MSDS Administrator software package provides a system for evaluating and recording both product and MSDS information. Includes color scanner and 1 year technical support.
Compliance Consulting Service, Inc. MSDS Express software scans, imports and prints MSDSs.
Computerra, Inc. MSDS Assistant for Windows 95 makes it simple to store and reference information on materials throughout your facility.
ConEst Software Systems
ConEst products enable electrical contractors and estimators to manage the entire construction process. ConEst's PowerSuite(TM) of software solutions include ConEst2000(TM) Lite, Plus and Pro, T&M Billing(TM), BidTrac(TM), JobTrac(TM), PermitTrac(TM) and ConEst Electrical Formulas
Conform-Action Data Systems CADS Web Enabled Software makes it fast and easy to get your MSDS's on the Web. Where anybody can access it and at the same time you can save money. The software also allows you to create safety labels.
Controlled Risk Windows based MSDS management software that offers scanning, 5000 regulated chemical database, employee MSDS request forms, and label printing.
Corbus Corbus provides software for environmental, safety and health requirements and MSDS management. TERMS Windows software helps manage MSDS and EPA compliance.
Cor-Tech Safety Plan PLUS helps you create the customized documents needed for an effective, comprehensive workplace safety and hazard communication program that complies with OSHA regulations.
CSC, Inc. Provides complete Right To Know services including hazard inventory, in-house MSDS services, and a proprietary software package for MSDS management. 
Curtis Management Resources, LLC
Full line of MSDS software products for authoring, managing, and distributing MSDS. Includes MSDSLite for smaller companies, MSDSLab for laboratory operations, and MSDSystem for large industrial clients.
Dakota Software Corporation If your business is affected by environmental, health and safety regulations and you need audit software, then Dakota Auditor is probably just what you're looking for. To help you with management systems and ISO 14000, check out Dakota Auditor EMS.
DataSpecialty ChemTrax is a stand alone or Client Server based MSDS management software application that utilizes a state of the art database driven system that tracks regulatory information, types, locations and all MSDS related information for quick retrieval.
Dell Tech Laboratories Ltd CWESS 2000 Software prints standard format MSDS profiles of each hazardous product and eliminates the confusing multiple format structures of supplier MSDSs.
Dolphin Software Database of  500,000 MSDSs that have been key-punch data entered for their clients. Offer software for MSDS management and automated Hazard Communication tools.
DR-Software Program can generate MSDSs with standard phrases, archive, translate, administer version numbers, retrieve, and transfer to another user in an effort to reduce the customer's administrative burden.
Eagle Technology Computerized Maintenance Management Software.
Eclipse Software Technologies, Inc. Provides a suite of MSDS management and scanning tools.
Eco Logic Systems Adam software manages hazardous materials by tracking quantities, types, locations, and MSDS sheets at each site and provides reminders when regulatory activities are due.
Efficient Enterprise Engineering, Inc (Ex3, Inc.) Enterprise software solution provides access to information and data on the health effects, toxicity, environmental impact, and regulatory and reporting data  from resources such as MSDSs, EPA, and Corporate Safety.
EHS Inovators CHEM Master 2000 puts together in a single integrated system all the features needed for MSDS and hazardous chemical management for Health, Safety and Environmental Compliance Professionals.
EHS Manager, LLC The WorkSafe System is an Internet delivered environmental, health and safety (EHS) application software for small and medium sized businesses.
EHS Softserve is a service of Donley Technology. Donley Technology has been analyzing and reporting on the environmental, health & safety software industry and market since 1988. The company is a clearinghouse for EH&S software information, with records on more than 3,000 software packages, databases, and on-line systems
EHSWorld Innovative solutions for the creation, maintainance and distribution of Safety Data Sheets via internet. The automatic creation of Safety Data Sheets in both German and English is available
EMAX Solution Partners, Inc. OPTIMA product suite integrates the supply, inventory management, and disposition of all commercially procured reagents and proprietary research compounds into one coherent materials management process.
EnviroCom Systems Sharp Technologies, Inc.'s chemTRACE Software allows users the flexibility of stand-alone use or the power of client/server architecture for plant-wide management of MSDS information.
Enviro Dynamics, Inc. MSDSView software is designed to systematically manage and distribute MSDSs and includes an automated letter generator designed to request the specific MSDSs you need and provide images to all worksites for on-screen viewing.
Envirogenics MSDS management, inventory tracking and SARA Title III reporting.
EnviroNet LLC. EnviroNet is the licensed U.S. distributor for Chemware's MSDS and Label Management Software and for Chemtox's Suite of Environmental Management Information Systems. Refrigerant, health & safety, MSDS and hazard communication software and training.
Environmental Investigations, Inc. Develops intranet MSDS systems for employee safety and training programs.
Environmental Management and Compliance Incorporated Materials Saftey Data Sheet Repository (MSDS-Rep) software is designed to allow a user to capture and store images of MSDSs for each hazardous material used at their facility.
Environmental Science Group ChemTrak software offers MSDS management and enables companies to keep COSHH records and automatically classify complex preparations as required under CHIP.
Environmental Software and Services GmbH Provides a data base that stores identification data, physical-chemical property information, toxicology data etc. and a hypertext version of the substances' MSDS according to 91/155/EEC, with related information.
Envirowin Software Offer CD-ROM with 230,000 MSDSs and software that scans, imports, archives, searches, tracks, views, prints and faxes MSDS documents.
Enviryx LLC Enters, loads and maintains your MSDSs in an online database which provides 24-hour, plant-wide access and allows queries and reports
Episys Limited Chemprint system integrates Chemware's MSDS preparation and distribution software with Episys' Equila label design software to meet the requirements of CHIP96 and other European and North American legislation.
ERA Environmental Consulting, Inc. ERA-MSDS program provides an easy to use interface for storing, viewing, searching and printing Material Safety Data Sheets.  The program can import text based MSDS files from a number of supporting vendors.
Environmental Software Providers (ESP) opsMSDS Software fulfills hazard communication requirements by ensuring that MSDSs are available for all chemical products and chemical kits, stores historical MSDSs with revision codes, provides scanned MSDS images for viewing by shop-floor personnel.
Essential Technologies, Inc. PlantWare 32 software offers Air, Audit, Industrial Hygiene, Inventory,  MSDS, Waste, and Water modules for efficient data collection, calculation, and integration.
European Software Institute Protheus, an SDS (Safety Data Sheet) management system was developed for & with Rhone-Poulenc and Shell at a European level and integrates EEC Directives and ISO Recommendations.
Eurosoft EUROSOFT PLUS offers a software solution offering a database containing more than 13.000 substances, automatic generation of material safety data sheets with history and customers tracking, instantaneous translation in 28 foreign languages, automatic preparations classification according to ADR/RID, IMDG and IATA, transport regulations, labelling with symbols, transport emergency cards. and internal plant instructions.
eWorkplace Solutions, Inc. (Batchmaster Software Corp) MSDS-generation, automatic scheduling, and reporting provide for compliance with the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard.
EZX Corp. Software package that can create, modify, fill-in, save, print, Email, and FAX, Material Safety Data Sheets.
F1 Computer Services Limited MSDS management system which incorporates both EC and ANSI standards. Offer services of sourcing suppliers' MSDS and entering MSDS into the F1-MSDS software module.
Fastsearch FastSearch-MSDS provides you with over 320,000 Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), with nearly all MSDS's in the identical layout. With the click of a button, anyone can search, view and print an MSDS in just seconds.
Flinn Scientific, Inc. Offers an MSDS Library and Chemventory chemical inventory system in one combined software program.
Genium Publishing Genium publishes a collection of over 975 custom-written MSDSs used by health and safety professionals as a reference source.
GeoSphere Emergency Response Systems Plant Safe System ensures that all phases of emergency response: training, execution, and documentation are managed more effectively.
GOLD-DATA Gold-Data "GP" (Gross-Profit) computer system was designed exclusively for janitorial, paper product, chemical, restaurant supply & equipment, and packaging distributors/manufacturers and tracks OSHA MSDS warnings.
GRC International, Inc. FLOW GEMINI software for manufacturing, chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, utility, and healthcare industries provides both authoring and distribution of MSDSs in database, image, text, and word processing formats.
Greensuite by LFR Technologies Software to manage MSDSs on the internet/intranet.


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Directory of Environmental Software Suppliers
The 1999 Safety & Health Software Census


Manufacturer's MSDSs  MSDS Databases   Government and Organizations   Info


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