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The MSDS-SEARCH National Repository is the most cost effective way to distribute MSDSs and meet the needs of your customers.

Look at the companies that have already asked for their suppliers to make their MSDSs available in the National Repository, then contact us and lower your cost of compliance.

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A common vision is a cooperative effort by all manufacturers to make their MSDSs available at a single location on an Internet website. This vision continues to gain support from manufacturing companies, their customers, industry groups and governmental agencies. By participating in this cooperative effort, manufacturers can significantly reduce their administrative costs to distribute MSDSs, and dramatically reduce the administrative costs for users to obtain a current MSDS from the manufacturer. To realize the vision, the following criteria must be met:
  • A Single Source For All MSDSs

  • Certified From The Manufacturer

  • The Most Current Document

  • Readily Available

  • Easy To Access

  • Free To Customer

  • Affordable For Manufacturer

  • Cross Platform Compatability

Industry figures suggest that the cost of distributing an MSDS is approximately $15 per document. This is not unreasonable in light of well documented studies placing the cost of issuing a purchase order at $35-$50. But to keep things simple, letís assume that you can get an MSDS to your customer for $1 each. Remember this is a variable cost, so each time you respond to a customer request, itís a buck. Letís further assume that you have 50 MSDSs for products you manufacture. Now, if your customers request your MSDSs 10 times a month, it will cost you 50 x 10 x 12 mo. x $1 = $6000 per year to provide your customers the MSDSs they require.
Potential Lower Costs The power of MSDS-SEARCHô is that it changes your variable cost to a fixed cost. In our example, to place your 50 MSDSs in MSDS-SEARCHô will cost 50 x $15 (indexing fee) = $750 plus 50 x $1/mo./MSDS (database maint. fee) x 12 mo. = $600 for a total of $1350 per year - a savings of over 77%. But look at this: In the first example, if your customers request your MSDSs 100 times a month it will cost you $60,000. If on the other hand you use MSDS-SEARCH ô, your cost is still $1350 - a savings of 98%!
Real Life
A Real life example was recently provided by a Fortune 50 petrochemical company. Their current calculated cost to deliver an MSDS to a customer is $15 per request. Their cost to provide 1000 MSDSs via MSDS-SEARCH, amortized over 4 years was:
Index 1000 MSDSs (Treated as Capital Expenditure) $15,000 one time expense
Estimated 10% of MSDSs updated per year $1500 per year Indexing Fee
Database Administrative/Maintenance Fee ($1/MSDS/Mo.) $12,000 per year
4 YEAR TOTAL $69,000
COST/YEAR $17,250
To emphasize, that's $17.25 to deliver the document for an entire year as opposed to $15 per request. Likewise, it's $17.25 if you only deliver the MSDS once via MSDS-SEARCH. If you deliver it only 100 times over the year it's .17 cents per MSDS, 1000 times it's 1.7 cents. If you deliver it 5000 times - well you get the idea. The savings are truly astounding!

Your documents need to be provided to MSDS-SEARCH in flat ASCII text or HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). Indexes are constructed on four fields:

  • Name of Manufacturer
  • Name of Product
  • Synonyms
  • Product Identifiers (Catalog #, Part #, Formula#, UPN, UPC, etc.)
Fees Fees are on a per-document basis:
  • Indexing $15.00/MSDS
  • Database maintenance $1/MSDS/mo.
How You Can Help Take the following actions:
  • Place the MSDSs on products you manufacture in MSDS-SEARCH for the convenience of your customers, and encourage them to use the website to obtain your MSDSs.
  • Inform your suppliers that you plan to purchase products from companies with their MSDSs on MSDS-SEARCH where cost, quality, delivery, and service are equal.
  • Implement a program where purchase contracts encourage the availability of MSDSs on MSDS-SEARCH as a condition of purchase.
  • Ask your suppliers to put their MSDSs at this central location
Support the


  • It meets the description of what everyone says needs to be done
  • It will save you money
  • It will save your customer money
  • It will give you a marketing advantage
  • It reduces your administrative burden and helps get you out of the MSDS "business"
  • It is accessible to all manufacturers regardless of size
  • It will provide timely information for Hazmat Responders
  • Expedited delivery can help reduce injuries and save lives
  • It will remove several billions of dollars of overhead from the American economy
  • It is free to all users with Internet access


Variable VS. Fixed Cost to Deliver an MSDS

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