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3M Trimline Publish to the Internet and let your customers know where to find this database. It's so much easier than the old way. This is one great site, this is the internet at its best!  
ABC Distributing Inc. [Zep] I have been unable to get MSDS's for my company.I would be most appreciative if I had access to the MSDS's for all of the janatorial products that my company purchases from you. Please, can you assist me.  
A B Homes In order to cut down on paper usage and to save time, we would appreciate if all of our vendors were online. We have been working on compiling MSDS's since April, it is a never ending, time consuming project. We would like to spend less time on the phone, requesting fax copies, which are useless if they are not imported into our software.  
Ace's Cleaning service Please help to make it easier for us small business men to access MSDS  
Acme Mills Co. We have tried to get the MSDS from your company [dodenhoff industries] for a week and not had any results. We NEED this for a very important audit. Can you please provide me with a copy of the MSDS for these items S-4018-5 and 4018-5/72??? Please advise as soon as possible.  
ACRS, Inc. It is hard to find MSDS on some products, especially if you are not aware of who the manufacturer is. I have looked on the internet all day, without any luck, for MSDS on Dawn dish soap and Oilflow. I can not find these items...  
Albuquerque Technical Vocational Institute We purchase from a central source for the schools. We then often have to find our own MSDS or use one that is not the latest. Please help us by centralizing this frustrating search.  
Allegheny Valley Schools The MSDS's should be easy to access and should not have to be down loaded. It would be very helpful to be able to print them directly from the internet without purchasing or Downloading other software to do so.  
Alvey's Sign Company We need help in controlling this monster of MSDS info.  
America II Corporation I am interested in all the companies, because we we distribute electronic components and semiconductors commercial and military parts.  
Ametek, Inc. Having MSDSs online would be very helpful. It would save a lot of time on the telephone and copies would be good quality instead of unreadable faxes.  
Amica Mutual Insurance Having the MSDS at hand in case of emergency will potentially save a life. Please make them freely available.  
Anne Arundel County Detention Center A standardized on-line MSDS database would so much improve both yours and my compliance with OSHA Regulations. Please support the establishment of such a single source site.  
ARCO Oil and Gas Company 1. In an emergency situation this is the most logical way to go - one stop shop for MSDS.
2. Place your MSDS info on-line. It's the future-get with it!
Artcraft Printers Krylon products' msds info is not on sherwin williams website anywhere! we need the info for our msds book.  
Aspen Dental Management, LLc. Dental companies need to have MSDSs available for the consumer on a ready-access basis. Calling and asking is NOT enough...especially when you are "greeted" by an automated phone answering system.  
Bank of the Northwest We need printer safety information!  
BASF Corporation Hi, I think your Web Site is fantastic. Is there any way to access MSDSs in Spanish?  
Beazer Homes I need to see the Health Hazard Rating (triangle) along with the MSDS on all products from your company that are used in the comsumer's household.  
Bell Mobility Cellular

Include Canadian WHMIS ratings whenever possible (such as in section 15 if ANSI format is used). Provide preferably two different formats of each MSDS: one word processor compatible (WORD, Wordperfect or any popular one), and also a PDF version for Acrobat Reader.

Bethlehem Steel Corp. We would like to be able to use this service as our sole-source for MSDSs. In order to achieve that goal, all of our suppliers must participate.  
BHP Petroleum We are currently undertaking a feasibility Study into building an Ammonia and Urea production facility in Australia and require copies of the MSDS's for several of your [Nalco] products to use in a submission to the Authorities in support of an application by us for a "Works Approval".  
Bio-Care Technology Pty Ltd Having the convenience of being able to access online MSDS has saved me hours of work, not to mention the manufacturer's admin. staff who would have had to copy the msds's and send them to me.  
Biogen Stop wasting paper and resources to send MSD to each customer.  
Bio Rad Laboratories Requesting MSDS for GE Silicone Dielectric Compound G635 from General Electric, Silicone Division. Waterford, NY.  
BIOTA Corp. We feel it would be easier for prospective customers to compare MSDS info if you had it listed here. It would also be a relief to see such "clean" MSDS's. Thanks  
Boeing Aerospace Obtaining MSDS's often requires more than one phone call and takes 1 to 3 working days for an MSDS to be faxed. Often the faxed copies are unreadable because the pages were shrunk down. I have had as many as four pages condensed onto one and then faxed to me. These MSDS's do not just sit in a binder, we require our employees to read them on a regular basis. A website like this could be a real life saver. Literally.  
BNSF Railway Chemical needs are changing daily. Everyone has a preferred tool for the job. We need a centralized location to facilitate the safe handling of chemicals. Voluntarily of course, a centralized distribution network would show that the chemical companies DO CARE about how their products are utilized. Don't hold your breath.  
BP Amoco 1.) EXCELLENT!! I am REALLY impressed with your site. There has been a need for this type of service for years. I have been dealing with OSHA and EPA regs for the past 12 years. MSDS have been my recurring nightmare. It seems I use them for everything - environmental reporting, HAZCOM, Emissions Inventory, Chemical Inventory, etc. I intend to notify as many people as possible in my company about your website.
2.) We are looking for MSDS from Nalco Chemicals
Brick Township Municipal Utilities Authority I am the Safety Officer for a midsize public water utility company and the NJ Right to Know Manager. The NJRTK regulation mandates the filing of MSDS's for all products used at our Authority. Every year a RTK survey must be submitted to our DOH. MSDS's are an important part of our compliance to the NJRTK. Currently we wait for the manufacturer or vendor to send us MSDS's either with the product or in the mail. We do a moderate amount of purchasing and keeping up with MSDS receipt is very difficult. Having a central source on the internet would be most beneficial to our Authority as well as other water and sewer utility authorities.  
Brigham Young University It would help us ALOT to have MSDS's online!!!  
British Columbia Instutute of Technology Above is a ramdom additional sample. We have products from many others too numerous to list here.  
Brothers Cleaning Services, Inc. Please provide MSDS sheets to your web site as you indicated you would many months ago. This is vital information and contractors like us need quick access to this important information.  
California Federal Bank The convenience of being able to access MSDS online versus letter writing and answereing saves both of us time and money. why wouldn't you?  
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Every MSDS should be available on the net in an easy to find location. I am responsible to have this info, but I do not have the time to search down every manufacturer by internet, phone, fax, mail, etc.  
Cargill, Inc. Would very much like to have Zep product MSDS' in a electronic format. We use several Zep products including all our food plant sanitation chemicals.  
Cartwright School District, Phoenix, AZ All should be included!!  
Center Stage Associates I am far more likely to purchase a chemical if I know I can obtain an MSDS easily.  
Chemical Waste Management I am an employee of a large hazardous waste company. Many of the waste sites which are being cleaned up have drums of material which may have belonged to a previous owner of the facility. Often times it is hard to obtain MSDS for these materials. The msdssearch website is very useful in these cases.  
ChemLink Laboratories, LLC I appreciate being able to find information about chemicals and compounds via the internet. The net has become a great tool for research and development chemists such as myself. Finding MSDSs has been a challenge in the past. Hopefully this site will be able to provide ALL MSDS needs.  
Children's Care Hospital & School A centralized msds data base would help all facilities to keep their msds's current and remain compliant with osha's regulations regarding msds's. You have my vote!!!  
City of Keene, NH It is difficult for the store employees to take time out of their day to find these sheets, and with so many products from all different manufacturers that you use, it is difficult to find all of them as well. We use over 100 NAPA products-it would be so helpful to put all of your sheets on MSDS-SEARCH!!!  
City of Loveland Colorado Water & Power WE need msds info asap.  
City of Lubbock, TX What can I say? As the City of Lubbock's laboratory HazCom coordinator, I have almost no time to do anything but maintain our MSDS files- thousands. Anything that can save time and effort is worth money to us.  
City of Northwood, ND If MSDS are public information, they should available at ease on the internet - today's source for business research.  
City of Portland Oregon-Parks and Rec Div. I deeply appreciate your service. I have been assigned the task of upgrading the MSDS. You have given me a invaluable tool. Thank you for the up to date MSDS you have.     
City of San Marcos Texas I need msds sheets on the following dow--100% silicon sealant fox valley sys,inc--power paint cartridge for green,white,blue buck head--bulwark,crack shot, cross cut, millennium rector--pvc glue  
City of Tigard, OR The more MSDS that are available, the more likely that we will be a repeat customer of your products.  
Cleveland Clinic It is so hard to get the MSDS sheets that we need. It is hard to distinguish between products also.  
Clark County Fire District No 6-WA We should have free access to product safety information! To pay for information - safety information would be like a tax put upon a product.  
Cochimbec Inc. I believe this to be a more economical solution than sending every customer an MSDS every time. Also, MSDS are now available just about anywhere on the net for free, so why not make it easier on everyone.  
Colgate - Palmolive (Nepal) Pvt. Ltd. Dear sir, We are the users of your chemicals. But we do not have the MSDS of the chemicals which we use in our laboratory. This is very essential for the safety purpose. We will appreciate you if you can provide us the MSDS  
Columbia Health Care I am trying to find a complete listing for oncology drugs. I cannot find: Ethyol Doxil Fludarabine Gemzar Camptosar Mustargen Rituzan Hycamptin  
Consultant, International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry I need an MSDS for Revlon's Clean Touch Stain Remover. Thank you for your help!  
Consumer Interstate Corp Please advise for the most efficient way to obtain MSDS, technical product info and FAQs on your products. Electronic is the best!  
Creative Solutions It would be very helpful to be able to access MSDSs for your company over the internet to keep up with Haz com regulations.  
Creighton University/Dental School We at Creighton Dental School use ASEPTI-phene 128 as our primary germicidal. I was hoping to get a current MSDS sheet for your product off the internet, but all Search engines I used failed to find anything for this very popular product. It would be extremely helpful if you could please make the MSDS sheet for your products instintly available by using the technology of Y2K.  
Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) I need MSDS's for the products I use here and I am not finding the info (MSDS's) I need to be able to use these products.  
Delphi Automotive Systems Web-based MSDS management (storage and retrieval) is the only cost effective way to manage the thousands of documents medium to large sized corporations are faced with. We expect suppliers to make available electronic MSDS forms in standard ANSI format, and keep them current.  
Department of the Navy Frankly, we recieve products from an extremely wide variety of manufacturers. I have checked some of the names that I immediately recognize, but as a federal gov't agency we probably get materials from a lot more companies than I have checked. In my position I am concerned primarily with disposal not procurement and therefore may not have provided a complete listing.  
Dept. of Veterans Affairs 1. Have tried in the past to use the Kodak and Sigma web sites to obtain MSDSs -- they were incredibly slow and not user friendly. Gave up on those options.
2. I am working on our yearly Hazardous Materials Inventory List. I need to get the MSDS list update for the following reason: To find out if glass cleaners, i.e., whiteboard cleaner, dry eraser marker, CRT cleaner, anti glare glass filter cleaning solution, label adhesive remover, pressurized duster, scrub ender, non-stat, CRT screen care, orange oil degreaser, foam cleaner, precision cleaning agent for electronic equipment, concentrated glass cleaner, toner cartridges. I need to know if these above products are to be placed on our MSDS form and if so, please give a yes or no for me so I can place this information on the MSDS Hazardous Materials Inventory sheets. I look forward to your reply on this request.
Designers Press This is a great and easy source to find most of the MSDS sheets I have been missing. It is a lot easier than writing letters to each company.  
Des Moines Public Schools  1.) The most difficult MSDS sheets to obtain are the ones for school supplies and cleaning products. It would help for all companies to put the MSDS sheets online for their customers. It is OSHA law and this way the company could be OSHA compliant.
2.) I have need of MSDS sheets for products such as Chlorox bleach, laundry detergent, window cleaners, etc. and these are difficult to obtain and if they were online it would be easier for the consumer to obtain them. We tend to purchase our products from companies who supply MSDS sheets when the purchase is made. It is the law to supply MSDS sheets and some companies do not supply them at the delivery of the products. Since it is the law chemical manufacturers should provide the MSDS sheets for the consumer online.
DOE Jefferson National Accelerator Facility This type of database would bring great convenience to MSDS and will smooth out problems sometimes caused by searching out MSDSheets. Please take your part into making this site work. Thank you.  
Dove Shipping Int'l Inc. Our company often ships and obtains info for shipping several hazardous chemicals. When the MSDS is not provided by the customer I come to MSDS Search to find the safety info on the chemicals so we can safely transport the Hazardous cargo. Using this web site is easy and saves a lot of time! we ship haz cargo International as well as Domestic so this free site is very much appreciated by Me and my company!  
Dupont We would appreciate if we had easy access to your data base to retrieve msds & spec. information in a timely manner.thank you.  
DuPont Performance Coating I was reviewing your web site and I found it very useful and
interesting, Congratulations for this work!!
DynMcDermott Petroleum Operations Co. All of GASTECH's Cal. Gas and sensors need to be on the MSDS internet services.  
Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center I am finding it difficult to locate specific Richard-Allen MSDS sheets. Are they under a different company name?  
Eastern Conn. Cardiology Group, P.C. You need to make your MSDS available online and easily accessible for those with questions about your product.  
East Texas Community Health Services, Inc. As a nonpprofit community health center, we have very limited reasources to search out MSDS sheets. Having just undergone our first Joint Commission accreditation survey, we undertsnd MSDS sheets' importance. Subscription services cost money that we need to keep in patient care. Please make things easy on us, who are your customers or potential customers, and on yourselves in providing MSDS sheets in this simple manner. THANKS!  
EMSCO Limited  Sometimes it is very difficult to get up-to-date MSDS. Even though suppliers make them available somewhere, some msds are 4+ years old (in Canada they must be 3years old or newer), and they are not in a central location for easy access.     
Enbridge Pipelines Inc. Please make MSDS's able to copy! We don't have to be able to edit them online but I need to copy from the net straight onto my database. It would save me so much time.  
Environmental Remediation Systems Thank you for please allowing your MDSD's sheets to be accessed on the web. It is very efficient and helps us to serve your distributors with updated information to keep them compliant with EPA/OSHA regulations.  
Extron Petro Ind'l. Sales We are currently carrying your products here in the Philippines, however, some of our clients are requesting for MSDS of some products most specifically - Mystik Synthetic Industrial Oil and Citgo's Marine Outboard Motor Oil- NMMA certified.  
Fairchild Semiconductor We support the single source of MSDS documments just because we are concerned about the user's safety and health, we are not going to go round the world to look for the info., especially during a medical emergency or spill/fire. What we need is get into one channel or web site, then we can trace all the up-to-date info within a few seconds or minutes... Act fast.  
Fastenal, Inc This is just a short list. We probably have many more, but this is what I had time to put together.  
Ferris State University Thank you kindly for your services, you are appreciated.  
Fiesta Gas Grills I need several MSDS'S on some chemicals we have in our plant.  
FirstEnergy Corp. I work for a public utility and we purchase something from almost all of the above listed manufacturers. I'm TIRED of getting the runaround when I request a sheet by phone. It wastes a lot of my time and I am required to give immediate turnaround on in house MSDS requests. Sometimes the manufacturers make it impossible!!!!!  
Fisher Development, Inc. Have been totally unable to acquire any of their [Bostik, Inc.] MSDSs for their products.  
Fox Pools Inc. Please make these sheets readily available. This type of format would be perfect. It would be much better than making a phone call and waiting 2 - 3 days for a response!!  
Franklin Pierce College Quick electronic access to chemical MSDS by manufacturer is essential. All the checked companies cooperate in mailing or faxing hardcopy of MSDS, but faculty and staff in different buildings on this college campus need to be able to access this information with ease at any time. The attempts to establish electronic access are greatly appreciated.  
Friendswood Fire Department We used your site for a small pesticide spill.  We did not feel the need to call Chemtrec and the msds we pulled from you confirmed what we already believed.   Everything went fine. Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to access your site.  
Garden City Fire Department I belong to the Garden City Fire Department. We respond to any and all emergencies including Hazardous Materials incidents. Many Departments have come into the 20th century and have computers in their command vehicles. It would be a godsend if we had one place where we could get MSDS sheets when they are not available at the scene, or when they are needed to complete pre-planning operations. As such I can not say I am anyones customer but I do have an enormous interest in these MSDS sheets being available. If you would e-mail me how this system would be available to Emergency Services Responders I will forward it to the Nassau County Fire Commision which represents 71 Fire Departments.  
Garner Pediatrics My search for MSDS started with requesting sheets from the drug reps who bring us meds at the pediatrician's office. Then we wrote letters to the companies requesting the sheets. Finally I found several sites on the internet and in a matter of hours have been able to locate MSDS to help our office come in compliance with OSHA. I think this is a very important resource and all MSDS should be made available on a search engine for easy access to the consumers who need them.  
General Motors Corporation GM requires a full disclosure MSDS for every prodect that is used at GMs facilities. I need the full disclosure MSDS for the following products LINX MARQUE INK 1240 (FAST DRY BLACK), LINX MARQUE SOLVENT 1512, SAFETY-KLEEN AQUAWORKS MM-DIP CLEANING SOLUTION. These MSDSs must not be more than 2 years since update i.e. 1998. I need these MSDSs FAXED to me ASAP @ (810)236-4159.


Georgia Pacific These are some of the manufacturer's products that I purchase from 3rd party vendors.  
Glory (Philippines), Inc. Mitutoyo products because this Company is nowhere to be found in the Net.  
Godon, Inc. PPG Industries needs a realistically accessable MSDS database.  
Good Samaritan Hospital - SD We need MSDS forms on some of your products that we carry in our facility.  
Grant Medical Center- OH We are a large healthcare facility. We use MSDS's for our employees and also access MSDS information for determining the hazards of chemcials for when someone arrives in our emeregncy department seeking treatment for chemcial exposure.  
Great Dane LP I am having a hard time getting MSD sheets on the chemicals we use most in our plant because the manufacturers are not listed on the web site, I would rather use chemicals from manufacturers who are listed because it saves alot of time.  
GST,  Inc. Quality MSDS's are needed by a variety of end users and the current acquisition method is very cumbersome.  
GWF Power Systems We are currently investigating the best method of implementing an electronic MSDS management system that meets OSHA regulations. Though there are many software vendors who are willing to sell their version of MSDS management, there are none that come close to what is invisioned by our team. Our vision is a centralized database from which we manage our inventory. A central place to store our database, update our database, and archive the MSDS that we no longer use. If the suppliers would provide their MSDS to MSDSSEARCH (one centralized location), we would be one step closer to achieving our goal. In addition, we all have the "right-to-know" the chemical hazards posed to the environment and to people. What better way is there than to allow the global public to search the list, at one location, rather than through thousands of supplier links.  
Halco Industries MSDS sheets seem to be harder to find than ever for a specific product.  
Hallmark Lighting MSDS forms need to be standardized with emergency treatment easy to find and written in language understandable by non-technical readers.  
Hardin Memorial Hospital We need all pharmaceutical companies MSDS sheets in a central place. This web site is the best example I have seen for putting everything together. Either that, or make your companies websites easier to get MSDS data.  
Hawaii Explosives & Pyrotechnics, Inc. The more information available to notify employees of potential hazards can only reduce liability risks, lowering the overall cost of operating a business.  
Hayes-Lemmerz International Thank God I found this! You wouldn't believe how much time I have spent searching for updated MSDS's. Thanks for your help.  
Hazardous Waste Removal Program, State of Ohio To all chemical manufacturers:
I have given this website to all participants of the Hazardous Waste Removal Program in the State of Ohio. During the past year, I along with two others have trained teachers across the state about chemical safety, storage, and disposal of chemicals. We also stress the law regarding MSDS as well as the curriculum components which include being part of our State Science Model and part of the twelfth grade proficiency test. Websites such as this are extremely valuable to teachers across our state to not only provide MSDS but for the other components needed to train students about MSDS and safety in general. During this past year the HWRP trained over 600 teachers, administrators, and custodial people who have been charged to help train other teachers. This website will be an invaluable tool. From a marketing perspective the companies involved will have tremendous exposure to all persons using this site. If any company wants to have further dialog about public and private schools using websites such as this, please do not hesitate to contact me. Melanie R. Stewart 4350 Allen Road Stow, OH 44224 330-688-8266
Headquaters 21st Theater Support Command - U. S. Army Europe Need MSDS for Air shipment  
Headturners Salon I've been doing nails with your product for 8 years and I have never read MSDS. I have not found them to be easily accessable. More information should be supplied to nail techs as far as possible health risks. I'm concerned about the lack of studies on this subject.  
HealthSouth Tri State Rehab Hospital MSDS management is a nightmare if one takes it as seriously as OSHA would like, and especially if one really wants to have an accurate and up to date listing of MSDS for a facility. A comprehensive source for MSDS would be an extreme help for those of us who have a desire to comply and be able to be of assistance to someone who has been exposed to a covered chemical.  
HEB Grocery Company We want all of our employees to have access to the latest MSDS for the Ecolab products through the internet. Paper copies in chemical processes become damaged and unreadable. We have terminals now connnected to the internet for MSDS viewing.  
Henry Co. Medical Center All Pharmaceutical Manufacturers. There are not enough spaces above to list them all. There are a few in the original list. Thanks for your efforts.  
Hensel Phelps What's the big secret about your MSDS sheets? I have 4 cases of your paint on my jobsite alone, not to mention the other hundreds of Hensel Phelps Construction Co.'s jobsites! Yea, I could call my supplier, but why not use this handy website that I can use for all the other products we have.  
Hewlett Packard I want to be able to have access to a database that has the information UPDATED that I need. I can't do my job with outdated MSDS's. I want accurate information.  
Holden’s Foundation Seeds, Inc. (Monsanto) Proctor & Gamble was the most annoying company so far. I spent time on line searching and going no where...I have been so happy to deal with Spartan and EM and others that make it so easy to get them on line. Thank you so much. I just eliminate those products from our company that make it difficult at best to comply with this new era of MSDS on demand. So no Tide products are purchased as of last week and what we had went out...I do not have the time to chase it down like I am sending in a resume for a job interview complete with company letterhead requests. All the companies that make it so difficult need to take a lesson from those who have learned to be cooperative with the consumer since we have no choice in the matter.  
Holiday Wholesale It would be great if all the MSDS sheets could be in one spot. We get requests for MSDS sheets everyday.  
Homasote Company I am interested in being able to obtain a copy of all your [General Cable] material safety data sheets. How might I do that.  
Hopewell Valley Regional School District This service is particularly vital for the public school sector, where teachers and students need access to the information quickly.  
Hunan Three-Ring Pigments Co., Ltd, Glad to get your company name and address.We are a leading Manufacturer of Iron Oxide Pigments in China,our main products include Iron Oxide Red series pigments, Iron Oxide Yellow, Iron Oxide Black, and Iron Phthalocyanine Green,and other pigments used in paint,ceramic and color cement.  
IDS, Inc. This would be a great service for the Members of our Buying Group (IDS)  
Illinois State Board of Education  I need several MSDSs from Plasti-kote Co. Inc. in Medina, Ohio. I sent a letter requesting what I needed, but that has been months ago. If their MSDSs had all been placed on a website, I would have had my information by now.  
Impossible Industries Co. Re: The product "Lever Tech, Ultra" has a label that refers to an MSDS #91501; & #91103 We need these sheets to keep on file, please em or Snail-mail.  
Independence-LA Police Dept  I have twice requested MSDS information on both the 10% pepper foam and 5.5 % spray and have not heard a response. I need this information to continue to use your product. Thank You  
Independant Developement Engineer-UK I recently used a Loctite 518, there was no irritant labeling but the MSDS showed an irritant contstituent. Why was the package not clearly labeled as an irritant?  
Indiana University School of Medicine In order to comply with university and regulatory organizations' regulations, I need MSDS information. This is often difficult to obtain. A central source would greatly simplify my life and enhance the safety of my coworkers.  
Infineon Technologies, F.S. Portugal,S.A. Due to environmental and safety reasons, our company as a rule demands all chemicals we use in our activity must be evaluated, in what concerns risks to health and environment. That includes printers, faxes and copy machines toners and cartridges. It is quite difficult for consumers to get it both from HP and XEROX (as well as other office material and equipment providers). Thanks for your attention.  
Iowa State University It is much easier to obtain saftey materials online. It is also helpful to be able to search for products by catalog number as well as by name. Frequently the name in the database disagrees with the label or the displayed search results have numerous variations.    
ITT Industries This is a great site. I am in charge of the web site that provides MSDSs to our Corporation. We have been trying to get electronic media for over a year from many of the manufacturers listed.  
Johnson Industries Providing this information on-line would benefit us tremendously - especially with our web page launch that is eminent! Thank you!  
Johnstone Supply I handle the MSDS sheets for my company, which is a wholesale HVAC, plumbing, appliance, and tool company. It would be very nice to have such easy access to the most current MSDS available, all at the click of a mouse button.  
John's Waterproofing Company It would be helpful if our company could receive MSDS sheets off the internet, as many of the copies we receive from suppliers are blurry and unreadable. Also MSDS sheets in Spanish would be helpful.  
KASO Plastics, Inc. We (KASO Plastics, Inc.) are in need of online accessible MSDS for our plastic injection moulding facility for products, esp. plastics and additives. As we require MSDS to be kept on file for all raw material in our warehouse, online access to MSDS for immediate placing in our records elimates the waiting period between receiving the material on our dock and entering the product into our inventory system/warehouse.  
Kaiser Permanente 1. Ecolab has a website but there are no easily accessed MSDS's information available on them.
2. This would be so helpful to have the above manufacturers accessible on your site, especially the ones I listed separately. Thank you
3. Something that would be really helpful, seeing as companies seem to swallow each other like fish in the sea: A site that gives an update of who is now owned by who and who has recently acquired what, if you know what I mean. Ie, today I found out that Stephens Scientific is now owned by Richard Allan. Thank you.
4. Good web site. Thanks.
Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program I support MSDS-SEARCH as the single point of contact where chemical product manufacturers can supply their current Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for the convenience of their customers at no charge to any user with web access. Keep up the good work, I look forward to the new additions every day.  
Kalo, Inc. What does it cost to include our companies MSDS...and how do you get on the program?  
Kaneb Pipeline Co. With the constant changing and improving of additives and flow improvers, I am finding it difficult to keep and updated MSDS file.If your MSDS sheets are on the net, it will save time and money.    
Kelley Dock Systems It is a tremendous service available to companies to go to one source and find required documents. I support them and hope that your companies will as well. It is a long and difficult task to locate MSDS sheets for all our products. Thank you.  
Knotts Construction, Inc. Make these much more available.  
K. Simpson Environmental Services I am constantly having to check the chemicals of your products for my clients for submittals of government papers and for the protection of workers. By not being able to access your material safety data sheets on-line, it slows down the process of environmental and safety compliance. Please give us this option.  
Laboratorio Pyam S.A. [OCCIDENTAL CHEMICAL CORPORATION (OXYCHEM)] I´m looking for some information about the sodium troclosene, also called sodium dichloroisocyanurate. I would like to receive MSDS, and all the information you can provide. Thank you so much  
Lapp Insulator Why is it so difficult to find msds's. This should be the easiest thing to set up. I find it extremely difficult for me to find what I am looking for...  
Levi Strauss & Co. This is a great site.  
Lighthouse Foods, Inc. MSDSSearch has proven to be a fast, reliable method of obtaining required information for OSHA requirements and for training of our employees. The more companies available - the better the site would be.  
London Correctional Institution We need a central location for your MSDS. It is hard to get them trying other sources and then calling the supplier.  
Lynx Therapeutics Central respositories would make your life, and mine so much easier!  
Marine Corps Central Design and Programming Activity  I am searching for an MSDS for a product used by the United States Marine Corps. The Marine Corps uses this product for repairing water bladders. It is a Marine Adhesive. It contains the following hazardous materials: tolune and petroleum disilate. I have contacted the company in hopes of obtaining a MSDS directly from them...but to no apparent success. It would be greatly appreicated if you would provide me with a MSDS for this adhesive and/or simply the above listed HAZMAT chemicals.  
Matheson Tri-Gas Please supply your MSDS sheets to site. It's an excellent source to get MSDS sheets from. You really should be here.  
McBroom Publishing Unlimited I will supply you with Contact Information at a later date. I do not have the information at home to give to you, but I am glad that I found you guys. Sometimes it takes weeks to get the MSDS sheets when the government has to approve a product after the MSDS sheet has been reviewed, from the perspective company. Thank you!  
McDermott International, Inc. Most of the products we are concerned with can be classified as marine coatings: (paints, solvents, converters, thinners, etc.) and specialty insulation: (spray-on foam insulation, solid man-made mineral fiber insulation, plastic/urethane coatings, and spray-on fire proofing mat'l)  
McKesson HBOC, Inc. Please place your inventory of products MSDSs on this site for not only wholesalers of your products but for consumers as well for an easy way to access the information we need.  
Mead Corporation Could you please email a copy of your MSD sheet for Aluminum Chlorohydrate (Prod. # 6280, Item # 18001369) We are looking at using it as a flocculant in a wastewater treatment application and need MSD ASAP to get chemical into our plant  
MedLogic Global Corporation I feel that this would be absolutely fabulous to vendors and customers. I sometimes find it hard and tedious to fish through vendor web sites to find an MSDS. If I can't find one I end up calling the company and wasting their time and mine trying to find the appropriate MSDS. This would definetly make it easier for everyone...vendors included to get MSDS's and quicker too!!!!!!!  
Melaleuca, Inc. I'd love to see MSDS sheets available so we can compare the quality of your products compared to the competition.  
Memorial Community Hospital - WI Please make these MSDS's easily available.  
Mercy Hospital Medical Center - IA We wish you would get your MSDSs on-line.  
Mesaba Airlines The chemicals used in the airline industry are woefully lacking on line. Even if the manufacturer is represented, many of the sealants and coatings are not.  
Metrics, Inc. It would make searching much easier and faster to have one massive data base, without the need to break the search up under various manufacturers by name  
Midwest Energy, Inc. Would like to be able to go direct to web page and print off MSDS sheets immediately. This would save both groups a substantial amount of time, which of course is money.   
Miller County AR,  Dept of Emergency Management As a first responder to chemical spill and transport accidents, we need a single and fast place to go to be able to protect life, property, health and safety of people on the scene. We need a place to go with good precise info. Thank you.  
Mills-Peninsula Health Services It would be much easier to get needed MSDS information from the Medical Diagnostic segment of the industry via the internet than through the phone trees that most companies have. It makes it possible for me to get the information without having to search for the technical service phone number buried somewhere in the product brochure or manual.  
Milsolv Corporation Placing your MSDS in a central depository would save my employees countless hours in searching each individual web site. I believe MSDS-SEARCH is a long overdue idea and should be implemented ASAP.  
MJ Associates It would be nice if we all had MSDS available to the public.  
MLO Products, Inc. Have spent roughly 2 hrs searching thru several DBs for missing MSDS's and have found only 2 so far. A central, searchable, ASCII-formatted MSDS repository would be a godsend!! Please participate!  
Modine Manufacturing Company There should be a regular update or review of the chemicals included and changes to any Occupational Exposure Levels  
Montana Power Company The day may come when companies who are serious about hazcom do not buy chemical products from firms that do not participate in an internet MSDS database. MSDS management is still a big problem and the internet appears a viable solution.  
2. We use a lot of Alpha products and could really benefit from on-line MSDS's.
3. I have searched everywhere for the Material Safety Data Sheet for a chemical manufactured by National Chemical Labs ...we are unable to use the product due to no MSDS.
Mountain Towers Healthcare Please assure that the MSDS's that are available are complete. I have downloaded several that were not.  
Mountaire Farms of DE, Inc. Making your MSDSs available on-line provides a great service for those using your products. The time saved obtaining accurate and up-to-date information is tremendous.  
M.R. Pardee Hospital Need a complete listing of MSDS Sheets for all new drugs - specifically Herceptin and Rituxan. Hospitals are required to update manuals PRN and/or at least yearly. Saves us time at year end if this were available on the net when the drug is released for sale.   
MSC Industrial Direct Co., Inc. Please post all up-to-date MSDS' on your website by your manufacturer part #'s and item descriptions. If you cannot provide such service, many competitors use fax back automated request systems that are very efficient at handling multiple requests for MSDS'. Fax Back service works by entering the Manufacturer part # and is sent directly to the Requestor's fax machine. Several companies have used .Zip files to electronically send all of their MSDS' in a single compressed format package.  
Multi MESH Services cc Dear Sir I support this endeavour as it would assist countries like ours to make our industry a safer place to work in. Currently our workers are suffering because of a lack of info on chemicals and its toxicity.  South Africa  
Nabisco Inc. Squid Ink apparently has no listings of it's MSDS sheets anywhere I have found on the Internet. This is not helpful when you really need an MSDS in an emergency  
National Reso-Phonic Guitars The internet has made my job exceedingly easier by being able to pull the MSDS directly. Links to the actual sheets, that I am able to print out myself are so much better then trying to track down a manufacturer, wait however long it takes to get a fax that is hard to read, or even a longer wait to have one sent. Those of you who are already listed, great! thank you and take one step further and link your MSDS. All of you that are not listed, make life easier for all of your customers and yourselves! Get your product info on the web and available to your end users!  
Natural Resources Canada Found some internet sites .. before I found yours .. *%&^$ ... anyways, if you don't already have all of these, here are some more for your list: Acros, Air Products, Alconox,  BOC Gases, Buehler,  Eastman Kodak, Fisher Scientific, FMC Corporation,  High Purity Standards,  JT Baker, Praxair, Mallinckrodt, SCP Science, Sigma-Aldrich, Spex Certiprep, VWR Scientific Products. Keep the ones you don't have, chuck the ones you do. Glad I ran into your site!!!  
National Standard Not usable. Why not have a window to search for the CAS number? Often that is all you have to start with. Also your site has a lot of stuff on it but getting into it to use is not straight line.  
Naval Sea Systems Command I would like to receive the MSDS sheets on the Canon FX-1 and Canon FX-4 printer cartridges.  
Nebraska Printers Project Since I primarily work in the Printing Industry, I would love to see many many MSDS forms posted for the chemicals that this particular industry uses posted on an easy to find site to make life that much easier for not only me but for my clients as well. I would have a pretty comprehensive list of MSDS contacts to be posted so I really don't even know which companies to post for you to contact...I really don't have one particular supplier that I contact or need MSDS information from the most. If you would need more information please contact me at the information provided to you.  
Nellis AFB I find that the phone numbers listed on most MSDSs are out of date, or the company has moved. I use MSDSs to contact a manufacturer to purchase a product, or get an MSDS for a product that is not on the Internet. Could the MSDSs be updated more often to ensure the information is current?  
New Bedford Fire Department Big site easy to get around and I really like the translation capability  
NIOSH I searched for "naphthol glucuronic acid" and got 17 hits. None of these hits were the MSDS! This was a surprise, as I thought your site was a repository of MSDSs. I took the Sigma-Aldrich Netscape link and eventually downloaded their statement that they didn't think it was toxic. I guess my point is that I could have saved time by going directly to the Sigma-Aldrich site. Having all of the MSDSs at one site in a readily retrievable form is a noble goal.  
Nitinat River Hatchery - Canada It seems that phone/fax numbers change on a fairly regular basis, and there is no way of chasing them down, and so our MSDS goes out of date, and we're liable as we have to try and justify why.
Normal Life of Terre Haute I am trying to gather MSDS for a variety of cleaning products. I manage group homes for the developmentally disabled. OSHA requires that we have MSDS for all of the cleaning supplies that we use. As we have 16 homes they of course all purchase different brands of cleaning supplies, I would appreciate it if you could send me whatever you have thank you.  
Northeast Utilities Service Company 1. Just working my way into this site. If it does what I think it can it is great. Giving me an on line site to view, store MSDS's great idea, long over due.
2. Great site!!!!!!!!!! 
Northwest Airlines I work at Northwest Airlines and we have over 2000 different chemicals for use. I would like to have ready access to the MSDS of the chemicals we may use. The procedure at work takes too long and a site such as this, provided it is update constantly would be very beneficial.  
Oahu Transit Services, Inc. The service that you offer is great!  I have found many manufacturers on your website whenever all my options are exhausted.  
Oakland University The companies that I have selected are difficult to find on the internet. It would be helpful if they were more easily accessible.  
Occupational Risk Solutions, Inc. I cannot tell you how important a single source for MSDS information is for myself and my customers. There must be one location where, on a moment to moment basis end-users can find information on chemicals in use in their workplaces. MSDS-Search is supplying the industry with an invaluable resource at no charge to any user with web access. Please support this effort by supplying current information.  
Osan Air Base-S. Korea To whom it may concern, I am a representative of the Hazardous Material Pharmacy residing in Osan Air Base of the 51 Supply Squadron. I have a request pertaining to some MSDS's that are difficult to get a hold of. I'm sure if we work together,you could help me find them or point me in the right direction. Please e-mail me a website pertaining to the access of your MSDS or a point of contact to give me some kind of direction in obtaining them. The nature of my mission is quite urgent, so if you can not provide this information for me please e-mail me to let me know.Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.  
Pacific Lutheran University howcum I can't find MSDS sheets on Transistor Z5 SILICONE, LUBREX # 1206, PHONOLUBE # 1223, SOLDERING FLUX product # 10-1202, huh? I have tried every MSDS source on the web I think!  
Pacific Scientific EMC A quality electronic MSDS for any product from any manufacturer at any time for anyone.  
Paint & Decorating Retailers Association Paint & Decorating Retailers Association provides a link from our Web site ( to the Vermont SRI to provide retailers with MSDS information. John Lynch with ICI Paints called to inform me that the information on our site is outdated some from 1990. I informed him that this was a link and we do not update this information. He is sending me a CD with all of Glidden's MSDS information. Why doesn't Glidden/ICI provide this information where it is needed? Obviously your employees know it is needed and want this info updated. Who is in charge of providing this information?   
Paradise Gardens When I want to find an MSDS sheet and I need it fast, I would probably be inclined to run a SEARCH on the Internet using the word MSDS. Chances are, I would not see your company listed, or if it was listed, it might be located after 5000 OR MORE of your competitors businesses. *** It is also possible that I may know the name of a chemical, but cannot immediately determine the manufacturer. (What would you do if you were in this situation). SAFETY is the number 1 reason for MSDS sheets. They are not just frivolous bureaucratic creations. I plead with you to use COMMON SENSE FOR THE COMMON GOOD.  
Paragon Medical Dist. When a request comes through from a customer for msds sheets it's vital that the info can be offered immediately. With an online service to provide this it not only saves us time, but also the manufacturer in question. It does us no good to be transferred to a voice-mail and hope for a reply quickly. Also wouldn't it be more cost effective than having a dept. dedicated to supplying this info via fax?  
Parsons Chemical & Energy Need a contact person and telephone number for Du Pont in the USA to discuss facilities to handle 98 wt % sulfuric acid and to get MSDS for this product.  
P.B Gast company [Patterson Labs] Looking for your MSDS on line  
PCL Industrial Constructors Inc. As apart of a large construction company we use a wide variety of chemicals on site. As apart of my job I am required to have an updated MSDS sheet for each of these chemicals. Using the internet as a basis to collect this very valuable information is much quicker and simpler than calling each individual company. Luckly enough this site has allowed me to retrieve information for a large number of products we have on site but I am still missing/have very outdated sheets for most. In the event of an emergency I need the most up to date information and this is one of the most convienent ways.  
Pennsylvania Power & Light Betco Corp. has a wonderful website and when I pull MSDS's off of their site, they are quality originals that I can print out here at work. The reason I think all companies should be involved in this is because we need to update our MSDS's on a regular basis and this would be an easy way to get it quickly and easily.  
PerkinElmer Optoelectronics  Please add TRACOR AEROSPACE.  
Petro Log Inc. [Ronson Corp.] Needs to have a website with msds sheets available.  
Pilot Industries, Inc. 1. We purchase or have purchased items from your company. I would like easy access to the Material Safety Data Sheets on your products. Thank You.
2. Please include us in your updated Material Safety Data sheets on your products.
Pismo Coast Village RV Resort Let's streamline the MSDS search requirement for all of us--this will save you from answering our requests for MSDS and lessen your customer's time and efforts in completing our legal requirements! Thank you for listening.  
Pool Energy Services, Inc. I have found this to be an excellent way to contact manufactures about chemicals as well as get an answer to questions that come up from time to time. Keep up the good work.  
Port Authority of NY & NJ A good link for your website would be the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for each product.  
Prince Rupert B. C. Fire Rescue I purchase materials from local small suppliers whenever possible, however these local suppliers are often not up to date with current information. MSDS available on the net, for Small suppliers are essential if I am able to keep purchasing items from them. If I have to spend hours tracking down MSDS from small suppliers, then I can only purchase from bulk suppliers, those who make MSDS freely available.  
Princess Alexandra Hospital I would like the facility to search for ACS chemical names or common names from the Home page, rather than need to specifiy a manufacturer.  
Procter & Gamble Company 1. We are very interested in obtaining our chemical supplier MSDS via a public internet source. Thanks for your efforts in this area.
2. [Nu-Chek-Prep, Inc.] would like to see a more technical MSDS with melting points, boiling points, flash points, etc.
Radian Corporation As an environmental consultant, I do air permitting project work for petrochemical clients. This involves speciating chemicals and obtaining properties for chemicals they either use as raw materials or produce. Often, their employees do not have direct access to their MSDS, or are unable to provide them to my company. Finding this same information on the internet can be quicker, convey more information, and save these same companies money (reduce my billable hours). I already try to use other chemical information resources on the internet that greatly expedite my work. Thank you.  
Raytheon Systems-Hughes Electronics Sure is an easy way to get 'quality' (not faxed) MSDSs very quickly.  
Rebel Heart Trucking The opportunity for instant exchange of information presented by the WWW itself, dictates how corporations should consider assisting with the provision of your tremendous service!  
Recon-Optical Inc. It would be really helpful to have access to msds's online for easier updates. Especially with iso regulations.  
Red Cedar Gathering Company Can't find specific MSDS for these companies  
Rochester Institute of Technology We Are required by law and above all common sense to have MSDS's available to everyone in the lab at all times. The fire code requires us to have it as well in the event of a fire to protect emergency personnel. One single point of access to all manufatured products means we have the right MSDS every time we need one, when we need one. Please support this effort, it saves your customers time, money and possibly even lives.  
Royal Caribbean International How to get this product and MSDS for Betz Dearborn.  
Royal Perth Hospital The sooner the better as have spent days searching for individual MSDS.  
Rummel Eye Care Please supply your MSDS on the internet or be more accessable via telephone lines. Thanks  
Rushforth Construction Co., Inc. These are some of the MSDS sheets I've been trying to locate, A central repository would save time and money.  
Sabie Forestry Supplies - South Africa BP ready mix for two strokes is used in South Africa. How can I obtain MSDS for this product and for normal petrol and diesel. BP S.A. dont seem to be able to help my customers  
Sacramento County Office of Education Even after all these years have passed it is still very difficult to track down a MSDS sheet for many common items. Which company name is it listed under do you need to search by chemical content or manf. name it is way too dificult and not enough MSDS sheets are distributed. There should be at least one per carton of product.  
Santa Rosa Junior College I must say I absolutely LOVE your web site at MSDSSEARCH. I have on many occasions referred many people to your wonderful web site. Thank you for producing such a very helpful web site for MSDS's  
Sea Ray Boats Having quick access to Material Safety Data Sheets when it is time to update manuals make the process a lot easier. It is much cheaper to print the information from an internet program such as MSDS Search than it is to call the manufacturer or distributor, request the MSDS and then have it faxed.  
Seattle Housing Authority  It would be extremely nice to have a central repository with updated MSDS info available through the internet. Faxed copies of MSDS provided by the manufacturer often leave a lot to be desired because of the poor quality inherent in phone transmission of data. If the info was available on the inetrnet , it could be printed out on an office printer insuring high quality copies.    
Seaworld I am in the process of documenting all of the chemicals used within my department (Water Quality at a well known Aquatic Theme Park). As a result, I have found many of our MSDS documents are 3 or more years old. This is one of the reasons that prompted me to search the web for a reliable means of updating without having to contact each manufacturer and request a current MSDS. I reviewed several sites, but without a doubt your site exceeded my expectations. I sincerely support this site and have printed out your "ABOUT US"; "STATEMENT OF POSITION" AND "MSDS DICTIONARY" pages. Thank you for taking the considerable time, that I know you must have spent to design and implement this site.  
SECOR International Incorporated Unfortunately I did not find what I was after this trip, but the system is user friendly and contains many of the MSDS's I would normally search for.  
Seville Dyeing Corp. Please provide MSDS's on line.  
Shell Services International, Inc. Equiva Services LLC is the Alliance for Shell and Texaco. We service Equilon and Motiva, domestic refineries manufacturing products for Shell and Texaco. I am currently assisting one of our refineries in Washington to revamp their MSDSs, updating and implementing online via IntRAnet. In this effort, I am needing 52 MSDSs from Curtin Matheson Scientific. MSDSs I have for this supplier have incorrect contact information, making it impossible to achieve our objectives.  
Sibley Memorial Hospital We need a one-stop all-inclusive online site for MSDS and we need it now. Your company will have the ability to update your information, and we will be able to get that information as soon as it is posted. Overall it will save lots of money.  
Sierra Kings District Hospital I cannot find msds offered at your web sites Is this not a service? please let me know the best way for me to obtain these. thank you  
Silver Creek Landscape I have a small landscape contracting/maintenance business and have had a terrible time finding on-line sources of MSDS info. until I discovered this site. A wonderful and essential service. Thanks for the help!  
Smith Office Plus As an exclusive user or Sharp Electronic Corp's copiers along with IBM and Canon home printing solutions, I find it strange that the very successful companies make it hard for the consumer to find MSDS resources for their products. When it takes several hours of searching on the internet and dozens of phone calls to obtain only a few of the many MSDS's I am required to have, it brings these companies' professionalism into question. I would hope that these inovative companies would realize that along with great products, great product support is needed."  
Skyline Building Maintenance, Inc. It has been very difficult obtaining M.S.D.S. information through the internet for items that your company manufactures. For OSHA compliance, I desperately need to be able to obtain this information. Please make them more available to the public. Thank you.  
South Carolina State Government One site for MSDS from chemical manufacturer would make things easier for all of us.
Southeast Alaska Regional Health Care Center Have been having a hard time tracking down phone numbers even businesses to locate msds. It is great to get on the internet and find what I need just looking up your name or information. Although most of the MSDS sites don't have current phone numbers , so makes it difficult to locate you and find what i am needing if it isn't on the net. Also not all of your products are listed and are hard to come by also , unless having all the correct information.  
Southwest Freight, Inc. To whom it may concern, I just wanted to thank you for manufacturing the quality products that aid us in our everyday operations here at our facility. I would also like to ask you if you could provide me with MSDS information on a series of products that I have been less than successful in attaining. Any help you can give me would be well appreciated.  
Space Coast Computers, Inc. Safety is one of the few areas in which cooperation between competitors is encouraged by just about everyone. Let's go one step more and make it easy.  
Specialty Tools & Supply In case of a fire we need to know how your product will react to high heat. In the event we have an explosion we need to know how to treat an employee for exposure to your product.  
Star-lite Propane Gas Corp. We need [Hewlwtt-Packard] Material SAFETY Data Sheet for the Toner being used in your 270 Color Copier, in English and Spanish.  
St. Joseph Regional Medical Center 1. With over 1500 chemical products one stop shopping is the only way to go. I hope that you will consider using this repository.
2. This one stop makes the annual update requirement much easy and quicker.
St. Joseph Regional Medical Center - IA Please help make our jobs easier by using the MSDS-Search. I have spent hours trying to obtain a single MSDS sheet. This is quick and less costly than phone calls, letters that often are with no results.  
St. Joseph Regional Medical Center-Idaho 1. Please use this site, as it makes it so much easier to update MSDS and get new ones.
2. Please use the MSDS Search web site for your MSDS' as it makes it much easier for retrieval of the information.
St. Josephs Villa It would be greatly appreciated if you were to include a page on your site that would contain up to date MSDS sheet for all of Your products.  
Stockton Telecom I would really appreciate any kind of information about Material Safety Data Sheets.  
Sunshine Mining and Precious Metals I support the MSDS Search. The information is readily available providing the proper instruction on product safety, health and the environmental hazards.  
Syracuse University The reason I am writing to you is to inform you of the need to list your Material Safety Data Sheets on this website. With the amount of purchases the University makes along with the amount of MSDSs required, it slows down the entire process if one person has to stop, search,and then call and request one. I am asking you to very seriously consider this. I feel that by providing access to MSDSs via this website, would not only increase the amount of purchases, but increase the amount of time your staff spends answering and directing MSDS inquiries. Don't you agree?  
Taylor Bros. Construction Co., Inc. Manufacturers of Construction Related Materials would be great.  
Tewksbury Hospital I need to request MSDS sheets from your companies. I need either the actual sheet e-mailed, mailed, or faxed, or I need a link where I can find and print them at no cost. These sheets are needed to complete our MSDS book to meet OSHA requirements.
Texas Department of Criminal Justice I deal extensively with MSDS. A single source would be a great help to me. Thank you for you consideration in this matter.  
Texas Nameplate Company, Inc. We need all updated MSDS's on all chemicals. Any help will surely be appreciated.  
The Art Institute of Los Angeles We have been putting together our MSDS notebook and I've spent more than 3 weeks trying to obtain the data sheets for all of our supplies. It would have been so much more time efficient had I been able to locate them all in one place on the internet. Please, please supply them.  
The Cardinal Group, Inc. We are an environmental consulting company and have many customers who use products from these (and other) chemical companies. When a customer has a spill or needs to dispose of something containing these products, we'd like one central MSDS Database to be able to access for MSD Sheets.  
The Queen's Medical Center-Honolulu Due to the demands of meeting standards especially from JCAHO, our facility needs access to MSDS promptly, preferably via internet.  
The United States Centers For Disease Control (NIOSH) Good idea for a web-based service. How is it working out? and where did you raise the start-up cap.  
Tips Appreciated It is kind of difficult to get MSDS's for work...just please help me out. I think all products should have accessible MSDS's for each of their products that need them online.  
Tokyo Electron America, Inc. I have been reviewing our companies MSDS's and have been using your site alot. It is wonderful!  
Toronto Zoo With the amount of chemicals and products we use at the Toronto Zoo, I spent a great deal of time tracking down MSDS's. A MSDS central repository would save me enormous amounts of time and would allow me to have up to date MSDS's on file immediately.  
Transmontaigne, Inc. [BASF] I have been trying to locate the MSDSs for your PURADD products.  
Tullawong State High School (Education Queensland, Australia) Am looking for a MSDS on Strontium 90 2. Am looking for a good Chemical management system.  
Tursack Printing, Inc. The main item missing on a few MSDS is a reference to VOCs. This is the main item I need for reports.  
Turtle & Hughes Without a more complete and efficient delivery system, time is being needlessly wasted while people remain unnecessarily at risk.  
Tichy Contracting MSDSs are a critical issue, and a great deal of time is spent attempting to maintain our records. MSDS-search also helps manufacturers by reducing the amount of staff needed to take requests and "distribute" MSDS document.  
United Parcel Service This is something that I find as a buyer of products very important to have. Since the government has required all this information to be readily available, I think it only a wise and neighborly thing the Mfg.'s should do. We all can agree that the information is a must to have. But, keeping up with it and any changes is and enormous task even for the small buyer. When I do go to purchase a new product, I look to see how readily available the MSDS is. With the fines being so high and the information so important in any emergency situation...this really should be an "Automatic" thing to do.  
University of Delaware I can't even find a website from you (National Chem Labs)!  
Univ. of Guelph We are updating our MSDS's and need these companies safety sheets. Any help would be greatly appreciated!  
University of Texas More safety info leads to safer labs!!!!!!!  
University of Mississippi We constantly receive materials, from various research groups on our campus, to be properly disposed of. If the MSDS's of your products were more easily available, we could accomplish much more with the limited funds and time we are allotted.  
University of Texas Houston Health Science Center Having one web site to access for your material safety data sheets will make it easier on our employees. They currently have to look through several different web sites to find what they are looking for. The same goes for our safety department. It would make our searches more user friendly as well. Thanks  
University of Washington Educational Outreach I go out of my way to purchase from companies who provide ready access to msds information. If I can't find the info. I don't buy the product again.  
University of Wisconsin-Madison It is difficult for an individual teaching laboratory to keep up-to-date on MSDS. A central repository must be maintainted, and all efforts to establish such a database are to be applauded!  
U.S. Air Force As a Fire Chief, I know the critical importance of having rapid access to information during an emergency. Having a single source of MSDS's is very important. I whole-heartedly support this endeavor, and challenge companies to lead by example, and submit their information. Thank you.  
U. S. Air Force-Charleston AFB I am the hazardous materials monitor for my laboratory, where I work. In, the United States Air Force. I find that I waste more time on my job and after hours attempting to find MSDS's for specific products purchased for specific systems that are basically commercially available products. I have found that some manufacturers have provided MSDS search and databases on their web sites that are very informative. But sometimes there are none at all or they are listed with on other sites with limited MSDS results of manufacturer products.

Manufacturers who list an MSDS resource section on their website or even a email address to a specific dept to have a MSDS emailled or either mailed or faxed to them has been a big help. But there needs to be a standardized setup, among manufacturers, to provide a user freindly setup to find information on their products. For Hazardous material managers such as I have a hard enough time keeping abreast of product and materials required to maintain the information needed on the inventory we are required to do our jobs. And turn products in after they have expired. An easier way for manufacturers to provide information would be a big help, not just for me but others I have met as well.

U. S. Air Force-Goodfellow AFB I support companies that it is easy to do business with. Have your information like MSDS's easily available makes business easy.  
U.S. Air Force-Hill AFB Please supply your MSDS sheets on line. These make it very convient to use, and in the long run will save your company time and money.  
U. S. Air force-Laughlin AFB I need a MSDS for "HAWK PUMP OIL" for our HOTSY degreaser.  
U. S. Army Corps of Engineers Maintaining current MSDSs is a full-time job at our facility. Being able to access them in one place would cut down the effort needed to comply.  
U.S. Army  Ft. McClellan It is impossible to get the MSDS sheets for everything I have if I have to go everywhere to get it!  
U.S. Army New York Area Command-Directorate of Information Our current custodial contractor is using your [ECOLAB INC (AIRKEM)] "Scents-It" product. We are required to have the MSDS on file and the use/storage of the product approved by our medical service. Please forward a copy of the MSDS by mail or fax.     
U.S. Army - White Sands Missile Range

If we run out of a product which we normally use, we have to locally purchase a replacement product which would meet our required specifications. The MAIN determining factor of which manufacturer is selected is based upon availability of online MSDS's for their products. We cannot use the product without one and many times do not have the time or resources to contact the manufacturer for a Fax.

US Electrical Motors Needs to be added to your database. It's too time consuming to contact each manufacturer, especially in emergencies. Too many companies want to mail you info when you need it yesterday. This makes the whole process of compliance easier.  
U.S. Forest Service These are a pain in the a** to keep and/or find when you need it make it easier on everybody.  
U.S. Naval Hospital-Yokosuka MSDS is a requirement for each and every chemical we use, with johnson & johnson on this database it would greatly reduce the time I spend researching msds. Specifically new chemical like cidex pa. Thanks  
U.S. Navy Fleet Material Support Office [Thermon Mfg. Co.] NH-PT heat transfer cement MSDS needs to be added.  
U.S. Navy-Naval Air Warfare Center Having hard time getting MSDS's for sending material to waste. MSDS's are required for shipment.  
U.S. Navy Pacific Missile Range Facility Desperately searching for an MSDS for a Chemliuminesent, light NSN:6260-01-334-4274 Part No: 95277-80 We need the MSDS in order to add your product to our Authorized Users List(AUL) The manufacturer was under the American Cyanamid Co. Cytech Industries Div. All atempts at reaching the manufacturer have been unsuccessful.  
U.S. Navy-Underwater Engineering Battalion I am an employee of the government and buy a lot of the products from manufacturer's that deal directly with the construction fields and a lot of times MSDS'S don't come with the product. More companies participating online makes the information more readily available to customers that use their product and saves a lot of time and effort in having to call companies.  
U.S. Postal Service 1. Please make your MSDS information more readily available to those in need of them!
VALCO Manufacturing Co., Inc. I need an MSDS for Johnson & Johnson baby powder because we use it in one of our manufacturing processes.  
Vancouver School Board Up to date MSDSs would be appreciated. Canadian regulations require MSDSs be updated every 3 years.  
Vanguard Environmental Why can't we get MSDS's online, or from the factory instead of the local distributors who are too busy to do this?  
Veltec Services, Inc. I am in support of a national data base that would make available all chemicals that are manufactured at least in the USA. There are Co.'s who's representatives will not even return your call for a request for an MSDS for their product, this is not a good bussiness practice. If there were a national data base to search we manufacturers could get on with the job a hand. instead of putting a hold on production until a company rep decides to return your call for an MSDS request.  
Vencor Hospital A source for MSDS sheets is invaluable to all Hospitals as we can keep up with the latest MSDS changes as required by Joint Commission
Vermont Public Interest Research Group I talk with schools frequently about hazards associated with small children breathing fumes from dry-erase markers. Not enough information is provided on your packaging to be able to make an informed decision aabout the safety of your products. Until such time as you provide more information to consumers about ingredients of your markers, I will not recommend that schools purchase Sanford markers. The same is true for the dry erase cleaning compound you market.  
Weber State University Remarkable service! Weber State University is building a space satellite "JAWSAT" in partnership with several other universities and government laboratories. To be launched out of Vandenberg AFB in September 1999 we need Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) on several components, and the academic people involved hadn't a clue what they were or how to get them. Your web site and links did the job for us in superb fashion, especially Cornell University's database. Thank you!  
Webster University Rit Dye is a commonly used product in American households. I think you should post MSDS information on this product as the basic consumer is not aware of the potential health hazards when using this product in the home.  
Western Washington Sheet Metal JATC I need an updated MSDS for Galvanized Sheet Carbon Steel(hot dipped) for my students. I will need other MSDS from USS in the future as well. Thanks  
Weyerhaeuser [Texaco, Sinclair, North Health Care, American Chemical Enterprises, Rust-Oleum, C. P. Industries, Tenneco Packaging Rubbermaid] I am looking for some MSDS' from these companies. Our company is very careful to keep all updated MSDS' on site for all chemicals. Not all of the places we get our materials from have MSDS' for them. I would like to hear from these companies, so I can be able to get the MSDS' I need.
Wheels in Motion Golf Cars Please contact me so that I may aquire specific MSDS sheets to comply within OSHA's guidelines.  
Whiteford Foods This is a really quick way to find the MSDS info that we need! Thanks.  
Willington Nameplate, Inc. I'm looking to get all our msds sheets of products we purchase into a data base to make available company wide.  
Wisconsin Public Service Corporation It would be very helpful to have a central MSDS Repository. Anyone who works with MSDS's knows how frustrating and time consuming this process can be. As a manufacturer, please listen to the voice of your customers and consider our requests.  
WMMC, Incorporated I'm looking for an MSDS on the Frederick gumm product "zincate bondal". Any help would be helpful. Thanks in advance.  
Wooster Clinic It would be very helpful if all companies listed their M.S.D.S. in one central repository. I have spent about three days hunting down where to get these sheets, and some I have yet to find. I think it would also save companies a large expense not having to have someone send out the M.S.D.S. on request.  
Yavapai Arizona County Government Recently our Risk Management Department asked for updated MSDS sheets on all of the products used in our department. As we are a facilities maintenance department, that includes cleaning, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, telecommunications/data, painting, and more. I found the MSDS search site extremely helpful and time-saving, and I recommend your participation.  
Young America Corporation Hi I'm In charge of updating A large Companies MSDS books and I've ran along Some Products That Are no longer in service but in order for us to even get rid of these products I need An MSDS. Now you would think that if a company once sold that product they would be able to still find one in records. I just want to get rid of these things so it will help us in the future. So if you could help us in any way it would be very thoughtful of you.  


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