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NEWS ARCHIVE 2002    Last updated on 08/25/07 07:48 AM

PA - A tanker trunk carrying 5,100 gallons of an acidic cleaning solution overturned on northbound Interstate 81, creating a commuter nightmare throughout the region and a hazardous cleanup. [Click For More]

A federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that OSHA has unreasonably delayed in creating a stricter rule limiting workers' exposure to the chemical featured in the movie Erin Brockovich. [Click For More]

WASHINGTON -- Low levels of sarin nerve gas can affect behavior and organ functions according to new research that may provide clues to the mysterious illnesses suffered by veterans of the Persian Gulf war. [Click For More]

Drug Waste Gives EPA the Blues -- When people flush or excrete expired drugs, chemicals enter sewage systems, passing through practically untreated and making their way into aquatic environments. [Click For More]

Palatine, IL -- Employees of Groot Recycling and Waste Services complained of nausea, weakness, dizziness and headaches. Ambulances took 11 of the 38 employees to area hospitals. [Click For More]

Is acrylamide a health hazard in foods? The debate continues with scientists stating that they have found that acrylamide, when consumed in foods such as French fries and bread, does not pose a risk of human cancer. [Click For More]

West Palm Beach, FL -- The proposed second high school for Riviera Beach is delayed by a sticky goo issue. Not just any goo. This goo is made from burning human skin. [Click For More]

Frantic efforts to clear a Chinese river of a toxic chemical (arsenic) spilled by a truck in an accident have paid off and its waters deemed safe. [Click For More]

HARTFORD, Conn. -- A Pawcatuck, Conn., battery manufacturer failed to protect employees against a significant cross-section of workplace health and safety hazards, including toxic chemicals. [Click For More]

Estrogens, used in hormone-replacement therapy and contained in birth-control pills, have been added to the list of known human carcinogens, a U.S. government report revealed Wednesday. [Click For More]

Scientists from Harvard University have uncovered evidence that exposure to the chemical, one of a group known as the phthalates, may lead to damage to the genetic material of human sperm. [Click For More]

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has announced that it plans to go forward with proposed rulemaking on occupational exposure to hexavalent chromium. [Click For More]

18 years after the world's worst industrial disaster more than 20,000 people have died. One person a day still dies from gas-exposure related diseases and 150,000 are in urgent need of medical attention. [Click For More]

EPA has awarded $800,000 to eight small businesses to develop cost-effective methods for removing arsenic from drinking water to meet the Agency's new arsenic standard of 10 parts per billion. [Click For More]

DePUE, IL - The Illinois Environment Protection Agency is seeking public comment about how to clean up a site next to the former New Jersey Zinc/Mobil Chemical plant. [Click For More]

On December 23, 2001 a CSX freight train carrying Acetone and Methylene Chloride crashed in Charlotte spilling 40,000 gallons of solvents into the environment. Now almost a year later the clean-up continues. [Click For More]

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is asking for comments and information from the public to help the agency determine the best way to address occupational exposures to beryllium. [Click For More]

Niagara Falls, Ontario -- A chemical spill killed an industrial worker Friday at Mancuso Chemical when a worker fell into the deadly chemical after it spilled. [Click For More]

New York -- Besides arsenic and lead, other contaminants at the site are copper, antimony, benzo anthracene, benzo fluoranthene, benzo pyrene, dibenzo anthracene, indeno pyrene and phenanthrene. [Click For More]

Chromium contamination plagues community after 30 years - four local wells reveal disturbingly high levels of hexavalent chromium, above the limits recommended by the World Health Organization. [Click For More]

OSHA has cited Rouse Polymerics International, Inc. for safety hazards that led to a fatal explosion at the company's Vicksburg plant. Fines totaling $210,600 were proposed in connection with the citations. [Click For More]

These days, at 47, Hunziker has a hard time getting around. He has lost feeling in his extremities and has a trembling in his legs that makes it hard for him to get out of bed some mornings. [Click For More]

EPA -- Four companies were charged $5 million for their role in dumping oil from cargo ships that regularly transport frozen seafood and other goods from Alaska to Asia. [Click For More]

Augusta, GA -- Elevated levels of arsenic and lead have been found beneath the surface of an east Augusta public housing complex's playgrounds, and a massive cleanup effort is expected to begin next year. [Click For More]

"Companies do not set out to pollute. They do not intend to cause harm. But we do not have to accept the consequences of pollution as necessary, we do not have to deny the harm it is causing." [Click For More]

Granbury, TX -- A leak in a tank of ferric chloride at the Brazos River water treatment plant forced the evacuation of the plant and residences within a mile radius. [Click For More]

Thirty years after approximately 175,000 gallons of No. 2 fuel oil spilled from the barge FLORIDA in Buzzards Bay near West Falmouth, MA, residues of the oil can still be found in salt marsh sediments. [Click For More]

KINGSVILLE, Ohio -- A tractor-trailer leaking a hazardous material (thioglycolic acid) has forced the closing of several roads, including two Interstate 90 exit ramps in Ashtabula County Friday. [Click For More]

GAYLORD, MI -- You have potential environmental problems, first responder problems and the problem of innocent people stumbling upon Meth labs or the toxic chemical byproducts from its manufacture. [Click For More]

CANTON, OH -- Residents of the working-class neighborhoods around Kimble Street and Allen Avenue have wondered for decades what might be seeping into their yards in the shadow of a southeast Canton chemical plant. [Click For More]

There is growing concern that some seafood lovers are consuming high doses of mercury along with their fish dishes and could be suffering health problems as a result. [Click For More]

ANCHORAGE, AK -- Two coaches and more than 30 children were taken to emergency rooms following a chlorine exposure at the Alaska Pacific Swim Club. [Click For More]

Gainesville, GA -- A flatbed truck carrying potentially explosive materials overturned spilling about 8,000 pounds of chemicals and prompting the evacuation of nearby residents. [Click For More]

OSHA requests comments on proposed improvements to twenty-three health standards - improvement project will clarify, revise and eliminate unnecessary regulations. [Click For More]

What was called a 'minor spill' of a sterilizing chemical at a health center in Washington, Pa., sent five people to Washington Hospital with headaches and dizziness. [Click For More]

OSHA has cited Kaltech Ind. Group, Inc., for failure to protect employees while mixing waste chemicals, implement a hazard communication program, and ensure hazardous chemicals were properly labeled. [Click For More]

No one knows exactly how many who worked at Ground Zero are sick, and getting sicker. What's more, no one knows exactly why they're sick. [Click For More]

Forty employees were taken to a hospital after a chlorine spill at the Jennie-O/Turkey Store plant in Willmar, MN. [Click For More]

The EPA is observing Lead Poisoning Week to promote awareness of lead exposure, recommend preventative actions, and mark anniversary of the Residential Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act. [Click For More]

Safety and health hazards including chemical exposures result in OSHA penalties for Hacker Boat Company, Inc. of Silver Bay, New York. [Click For More]

SINGAPORE -- Three workers have died after possible exposure to a toxic vapour at a waste-water treatment plant. Nickel carbonyl, the most toxic form of nickel, is listed as extremely hazardous by the EPA. [Click For More]

BELLEVUE, WA -- A hydrochloric acid leak sent one man to the hospital complaining of respiratory difficulties over the weekend, but Redmond Fire officials reported that the chemical was safely contained. [Click For More]

POLK COUNTY, MO -- Hundreds of gallons of baby drinking water were pulled from area stores including the Bolivar Wal-Mart after a Polk County family turned a foul-smelling bottle containing xylene over to authorities. [Click For More]

Firefighters say they faced a frightening and chaotic scene at the INEOS Phenol Inc. chemical plant when they finally chased down the source of a mysterious explosion that had rattled homes throughout south Mobile County. [Click For More]

TAMPA, Fla. -- Failing to protect workers from the health hazards associated with lead may cost BMW Construction, Inc., $65,500 in penalties, according to citations issued by OSHA. [Click For More]

AMITE, La. (AP) -- At least one of four Tangipahoa Parish schools that had been closed as part of a city-wide emergency plan to clean up a hazmat spill on the Canadian National Railroad will reopen Tuesday, officials said. [Click For More]

Conroe, TX -- The Environmental Protection Agency is removing decades of soil soaked with contaminants, including one of the most dangerous substances ever concocted, at a defunct wood treating plant. [Click For More]

FAIRBANKS (AP) -- Details of a dozen chemical and biological weapons testing programs at Fort Greely were released Wednesday, including one in which soldiers in protective suits walked through contaminated areas. [Click For More]

OSHA - Failure to protect workers from hazardous chemicals and provide personal protective equipment will cost Sam Kane Beef Processors Inc. in Corpus Christi, Texas, $60,525 in proposed penalties. [Click For More]

The EPA has released the PBT Profiler, an on-line chemical screening tool that screens for toxic substances that persist for extended periods in the environment and build up in humans and animals. [Click For More]

Hoboken, NJ -- Alarms sounded as teams worked to get the leak that caused the chemical spill at Cognis chemical plant in Hoboken under control. [Click For More]

Failing to protect employees from hydrogen sulfide while working in a confined space, which caused the death of one worker, could cost E.T MacKenzie, Inc. of Bradenton, Florida $68,700 in penalties. [Click For More]

A national recycling group is accusing the U.S. EPA of bowing to pressure from Dow Chemical Co. by shutting off public comment on the uses of the controversial herbicide clopyralid. [Click For More]

WASHINGTON (AP) - The United States may have no streams left that are free from chemical contamination, and about one-fifth of animal species and one-sixth of plant types are at risk of extinction. [Click For More]

BENICIA, CA -- A local refinery equipment manufacturer will pay $32,500 in fines over a lawsuit that alleged company officials did not report a hazardous waste release of sulfur dioxide gas on its site. [Click For More]

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A chemical spill at a warehouse forced the evacuation of about 1,000 residents nearby. The chemical, thiourea dioxide, leaked from about 20 drums inside American Storage & Warehouse Co. [Click For More]

Numerous safety and health infractions, including the failure to prevent employees from being exposed to excessive levels of lead, have resulted in $123,750 in proposed fines against New York Solder Co., Inc. [Click For More]

Almost half the residents forced to evacuate because of a sulfuric acid leak from a derailed freight train were allowed to return home last night as emergency workers were close to neutralizing the leak. [Click For More]

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — At least 3,000 people were evacuated when a train derailed near Knoxville, rupturing a tanker carrying 10,600 gallons of fuming sulfuric acid and creating a billowing cloud visible for miles. [Click For More]

Cleveland, OH -- A railroad car containing about 20,000 gallons of the chemical 2-ethylhexyl chloroformate, used to make polymers, was found leaking by railroad workers as it waited on the tracks. [Click For More]

The Supreme Court has been asked to block a massive asbestos trial in West Virginia by about 8,000 people who claim they were exposed to asbestos. [Click For More]

HARTFORD, Conn.-- Keeney Manufacturing Company, has been cited by OSHA for alleged serious and repeat violations that include lead exposure resulting in $105,775 in proposed fines. [Click For More]

Charlotte, NY - After five months of excavation work, the cleanup of a CSX train derailment that spilled methylene chloride and acetone is close to completion. [Click For More]

Shell International has issued a Safety Newsletter on an accident in which three contractor employees died as a result of inhalation of H2S released during the unloading of molecular sieves from a NGL drier. [Click For More]

Two persons were killed and 18 others injured, three of them seriously, in an explosion in the chlorine filling plant of Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Limited (GACL), following leakage of monochloro acid. [Click For More]

The Environmental Protection Agency concluded yesterday that long-term exposure to exhaust from diesel engines likely causes lung cancer in humans and triggers a variety of other lung and respiratory illnesses. [Click For More]

A new study warns that arsenic in outdoor wood products doesn't dissipate with time and that children are as likely to be exposed on decade-old equipment as are those who play on structures manufactured recently. [Click For More]

GHANA, AFRICA - Furadan (a pesticide), used as bait in hunting bush meat, has contaminated 30% of the wild game, and poses serious health hazards including chronic diseases, infertility and death. [Click For More]

WASHINGTON -- OSHA announced a restructuring of the Agency, creating a new Office of Small Business and a separate organization in OSHA to coordinate compliance assistance. [Click For More]

BHOPAL, India (AP) -- Court to decide whether to lessen charges against former chairman of Union Carbide for a 1984 gas leak that left thousands of people dead in the world's worst industrial accident. [Click For More]

PRAGUE - Rescue workers converged on the area near a chemical plant, bracing for the worst case scenario only days after 1,100 pounds of chlorine were released from a tank submerged by recent flooding. [Click For More]

PRAGUE - Several hundred pounds of highly poisonous chlorine gas leaked into the air at a flooded chemicals plant in the Czech Republic. [Click For More]

OSHA is asking for comments and information from the public to help the agency determine the best way to address occupational exposures to hexavalent chromium. [Click For More]

PRAGUE, Czech Republic — Flood waters were receding across much of central Europe, leaving the fear of disease and chemical leaks from factories damaged in the region's worst natural disaster in decades. [Click For More]

OSHA - Repeated exposures of employees to safety and health hazards at a Rochester area food processing plant have resulted in $78,500 in proposed fines against Cantisano Foods, Inc., of Fairport, N.Y. [Click For More]

According to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study, one in ten American women is at risk for having a baby born with neurological problems due to in-utero mercury exposure. [Click For More]

An investigation has uncovered massive lead contamination of water in Scotland, which puts recent scares about other drinking water pollutants such as cryptosporidium and trihalomethanes in the shade. [Click For More]

For its failure to implement standards that protect workers against hazardous chemicals in one of its process units, Shell Chemical, LP, in Geismar, La., has agreed to pay $135,900 in penalties for citations issued by OSHA. [Click For More]

CRYSTAL CITY, Mo. (AP) A chlorine gas leak created a toxic cloud that sickened dozens of chemical plant workers and neighbors and closed two highways Wednesday. [Click For More]

WESTPORT, New York (AP) --A freight train spilled a hazardous powder (sodium chlorate) as one car derailed and was dragged for seven miles in northern New York state. [Click For More]

A West Virginia metal manufacturer's high rate of injuries and illnesses prompted an OSHA inspection revealing potentially life-threatening hazards and resulting in proposed penalties of $288,000. [Click For More]

Exposing employees to hazards associated with noise, unguarded machines, falls, and chemical hazards have resulted in $153,500 in OSHA proposed fines against American Homestar Corp. in Lancaster, Texas. [Click For More]

The Bush administration is reversing course and telling government contractors not to fight claims from Cold War-era nuclear weapons workers who got sick on the job from exposure to toxic chemicals. [Click For More]

OSHA will reopen the glycol ethers rulemaking record tomorrow to solicit information on the extent to which the two ethylene glycol ethers and their acetates are currently being used. [Click For More]

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Certain polymer modeling clays may pose a health risk for children and should be removed from the market for further safety testing. [Click For More]

SAN FRANCISCO (AP)- A San Francisco court approved a settlement Monday under which oil companies will pay $28 million for polluting Lake Tahoe groundwater with the gasoline additive MTBE. [Click For More]

Government documents indicate that about 15,000 chemical plants and storage sites handle hazardous chemicals in sufficient quantities to make them attractive targets for terrorists. [Click For More]

Dryden, Ontario, Canada - 400 residents living within one kilometre of Dryden's Weyerhaeuser paper mill were evacuated when a ruptured line leaked a cloud of chlorine dioxide gas into the air. [Click For More]

SWELDON SPRING, Mo. –– After 16 years and $852 million, the Energy Department said Wednesday it has completed the disposal of hazardous debris left over from an old ordnance plant. [Click For More]

Syntech Chemicals Inc., of Houston, TX, has agreed to pay $106,000 for citations issued by OSHA for its failure to implement safety standards to protect its employees against hazardous chemicals. [Click For More]

EPA is assessing how hazardous wastes are used by the fertilizer industry, what types of contaminants are found in fertilizer products and the potential risks associated with contaminants in fertilizers. [Click For More]

Lyondell Chemical Co. said it will pay $4 million to the South Tahoe Public Utility District in an out-of-court settlement for water contamination by its controversial gasoline additive MTBE. [Click For More]

DURRES, Albania - Five years ago, Flutorime Jani and her family settled on the grounds of an abandoned chemical plant. Today, it is also a place where experts say people are being collectively poisoned. [Click For More]

An Iowa popcorn plant worker has been diagnosed with a rare lung disease linked to inhaling artificial butter flavoring used in microwave popcorn. [Click For More]

OSHA cited Eastern Bridge, LLC, for alleged willful, serious and repeat violations and proposed a total of $350,000 in penalties following a comprehensive six-month inspection of its River Road plant. [Click For More]

Kansas City - Two employees, a manager and a cashier, suffered respiratory irritation when they inhaled acid that was misting from a leak in a pump line at a city pool. [Click For More]

Colorado man sentenced to 17-years imprisonment, $100,000 fine for illegally disposing of perchloroethylene dry cleaning solvent from dry cleaners throughout the western United States. [Click For More]

LOS ANGELES - Authorities evacuated a shopping mall and shut down a major highway this week in a suburb east of Los Angeles after a tanker truck overturned and spilled potentially explosive chemicals. [Click For More]

Limon Masonry Inc.'s, of Corpus Christi, TX, failure to protect workers from asbestos exposure brings an OSHA citation and penalties totaling $50,500. [Click For More]

Failure to protect contract workers from exposure to hydrogen sulfide gas at a paper mill has resulted in citations being issued to the Fort James Operating Company, Inc., for proposed penalties totaling $91,000. [Click For More]

ALLENTON, Wisconsin (AP) -- A freight train carrying hazardous materials, lumber, waxes and other cargo derailed and caught on fire. One of the 34 cars was carrying potash, a moderately hazardous chemical. [Click For More]

DOVER, Del. (AP) - The federal government has filed a civil lawsuit against Motiva Enterprises, claiming gross negligence led to a sulfuric acid storage tank collapse last year that killed one man and injured eight. [Click For More]

Experts are split on whether chemically treated lawns can be harmful to the health of pets and people, prompting many lawn keepers to make a difficult choice between organic lawn care or using chemicals. [Click For More]

An alcohol-fueled fireball shot into the classroom, searing the skin of three junior honor students in the front row. School chemistry labs are the scene of some frightening accidents. [Click For More]

DES MOINES, Iowa - City officials said two workers who were overcome with hydrogen sulfide and drowned in a sewer were not using available safety equipment. Ten others were injured in rescue attempt. [Click For More]

Raising new questions about the environmental risks of some widely used farm chemicals, scientists are reporting today the first evidence linking agricultural runoff to grotesque hind-limb deformities in frogs. [Click For More]

An internal assessment of the EPA's response to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks concluded the EPA is not fully prepared to handle a large-scale nuclear, biological, chemical or radiological assault. [Click For More]

Thirteen people have been killed and 11 injured in a liquid ammonia spill at a fertilizer factory in eastern China, state media has reported. [Click For More]

Acid leaked from a rail car at General Chemical in Claymont, Delaware, causing a white mist to linger in the area late into the evening. [Click For More]

Mercury from a polluted industrial site in Siberia is posing a serious threat to public health and the environment. More than 1,500 tonnes of metallic mercury have seeped into soil and local rivers. [Click For More]

Almost 90 per cent of Britain's hazardous nuclear waste stockpile is so badly stored it could explode or leak with devastating results at any time. [Click For More]

Russia has agreed to destroy the weapons by 2012, but there appears to be little chance of its meeting the deadline. Its main storage site still has enough nerve agent to wipe out the world's population 100 times over. [Click For More]

Failure to correct previously-cited hazards including employee overexposure to respirable stone dust, has resulted in over $57,000 in additional OSHA fines to a Cape Cod stone manufacturer. [Click For More]

FORT WORTH, Texas -- A tanker truck reportedly carrying 9,000 gallons of gasoline exploded and burned just south of DFW Airport forcing the evacuation of a nearby day-care center. [Click For More]

GROTON, Conn. (AP) -- Five injured, two critically, in blast at the Pfizer Corp. research lab in Connecticut; buildings evacuated. [Click For More]

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) yesterday released a new tool to help companies that make or use chemical products assess potential security threats and vulnerabilities. [Click For More]

According to the EPA, at least 123 plants keep amounts of chemicals that, if released, could harm more than a million people. [Click For More]

San Francisco, CA - A truck carrying nitric acid crashed on busy Interstate 880 in Fremont after swerving to avoid a car, shutting the entire freeway at one point as workers cleaned up the volatile chemical. [Click For More]

The EPA has ordered Wexford Labs, of Kirkwood, Mo., to immediately stop selling and distributing three ineffective antimicrobial disinfectant products Wex-Cide, Phenex-Cel, and Ready-To-Use Wex-Cide. [Click For More]

Toxic Nazi legacy threatens Europe as German chemical weapons dumped off Danish coast by Britain after the second world war start leaking into seas. [Click For More]

OSHA has cited Du-Mor Enterprises of San Antonio, TX, and proposed penaties of $161,000 for violations including failing to train employees in the hazards of welding chemicals. [Click For More]

MCDONALD, Pa. (AP) - Scores of people were forced from their homes in western Pennsylvania on Friday after a hydrochloric acid spill at a nearby metal finishing company. [Click For More]

OSHA cites Atlanta-area concrete company for overexposing workers to silica dust and noise; proposes $44,100 in penalties. [Click For More]

The U.S. Defense Department recently revealed that it may have exposed hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Navy sailors to hazardous chemical and biological agents during a series of tests conducted in the 1960's. [Click For More]

The EPA is nearing completion of a process to evaluate over a thousand organophosphate pesticide food tolerances (legal residue limits), virtually all of which are expected to meet the highest safety standards. [Click For More]

The EPA plans to begin requiring each of the nation’s 15,000 chemical facilities to assess their vulnerability to terrorism and criminal attacks and take steps to reduce any risks. [Click For More]

Dallas, TX - OSHA has cited subcontractor B R Brick and Masonry with alleged safety and health violations including exposing workers to silica, and proposed penalties totaling $115,200. [Click For More]

U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board says additional chemicals should be added to federal safety lists and data from industrial chemical accidents should be centralized to prevent future injuries and damage. [Click For More]

The number of train derailments grew by more than a quarter during the last five years - head of the National Transportation Safety Board calls for more frequent and more detailed inspections. [Click For More]

Seattle, WA - A Washington State Patrol trooper was overcome by fumes after pulling over a truck that other motorists had complained was emitting a powerful odor. [Click For More]

EPA is making available the updated analysis of health risk estimates for 33-toxic air pollutants nationwide. Toxic air pollutants are known to or suspected of causing cancer or other serious health problems. [Click For More]

Atlanta, GA - A collision between a tractor-trailer and a pickup truck killed one man and spilled almost 300 gallons of lawn care chemicals on a section of Interstate 75. [Click For More]

BANGKOK, Thailand - A chemical leak at an ice-making factory in central Thailand killed one worker and injured nine others after ammonia gas leaked from a machine that was being serviced. [Click For More]

EPA has proposed changing its existing waste regulations for computers, televisions and mercury-containing equipment to discourage the flow of these materials to municipal landfills and incinerators. [Click For More]

Cyanide is the chemical of choice for miners to extract gold from crushed ore but that cyanide always leaks into the ecosystem. [Click For More]

POTTERVILLE, Mich. — A freight train carrying hazardous materials derailed in this town of 2,200 people, prompting officials to order the city’s evacuation as they tried to avoid an explosion from leaking propane. [Click For More]

WASHINGTON, DC-- A new Spanish language publication, TODO SOBRE LA OSHA -- ALL ABOUT OSHA will help Spanish-speaking employees understand more about safety and health in the workplace. [Click For More]

Workplace health hazards involving exposure to bloodborne and other infectious materials have resulted in $132,750 in proposed fines against a firm providing security staff to a federal detention facility. [Click For More]

A Canadian researcher who has found elevated levels of PCBs in British Columbia farmed salmon has published a scientific paper saying that eating as little as one meal a week of the fish could be dangerous. [Click For More]

From Latin American day laborers to Southern Baptist volunteers, hundreds of people cleaned potentially hazardous dust from buildings around the World Trade Center site without standard safety gear. [Click For More]

Six people became violently ill in a Yonkers, NY apartment, sparking a chemical contamination scare that led to the evacuation of the building and the deployment of hazardous materials workers. [Click For More]

MEXICO CITY -- A truck carrying deadly sodium cyanide was stolen in central Mexico, and officials on Wednesday said they have no information about what the robbers were planning to do with the poisonous material. [Click For More]

ARLINGTON, Wash. –– A thief who stole ammonia from a food processing plant caused a leak of the chemical that forced the evacuation of about 1,500 people from homes and businesses. [Click For More]

Grand Rapids, MI -- A leaking railcar forced authorities to shut down a major highway and ask local residents to remain indoors as a white cloud of hydrochloric acid blew across the northern part of the city. [Click For More]

Alaska Airlines managers conducted an extraordinary experiment on an MD-80 jet. Frustrated by complaints about noxious mists on MD-80 flights, they tried to recreate the problem on a jet parked inside a hangar. [Click For More]

In 1999, during air strikes against Yugoslavia, NATO forces bombed a petrochemical plant and oil refinery in Pancevo. The blast released thousands of tons of chemicals into the environment. [Click For More]

TORONTO - A toxic fire blazing in chemical-filled rail cars in rural southwestern Manitoba is spreading a black cloud of pollution and forcing the evacuation of nearby residents and raising concern over livestock. [Click For More]

The Swedish government caused consternation in food circles by announcing that many cooked foods that are staples of Western diets contain acrylamide, a probable carcinogen. [Click For More]

The death of a welder in an explosion and fire has led to $71,250 in proposed fines for failing to protect workers against the hazards of flammable vapors during cutting and welding operations. [Click For More]

ORLANDO, Fla. - Central Florida's main source of drinking water contains traces of a potentially toxic chemical that is leaking from a former Superfund cleanup site. [Click For More]

Study indicates dentists are more likely to suffer memory and kidney problems which could be due to long-term exposure to mercury in tooth fillings. [Click For More]

Washington, DC - Both sides of the Capitol Beltway were closed after a truck belonging to a swimming pool cleaning company began leaking chlorine. [Click For More]

Workers who mix and package flavored microwave popcorn or are involved in flavoring manufacturing appear at high risk for a lung disease that could cause lungs to fail, possibly requiring a lung transplant. [Click For More]

Angels Camp, CA - A chlorine leak at the city's wastewater treatment plant prompted a precautionary evacuation order that remained in effect until hazardous materials workers capped the leak. [Click For More]

Two New Jersey men face up to 30 years in state prison on manslaughter charges after a worker was killed compacting cans of glitter hair spray. [Click For More]

A new Hazard Information Bulletin issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration alerts dental laboratories on how to prevent exposure to beryllium. [Click For More]

Environmentalists blasted the Hong Kong government over a plan to clear dioxin-tainted mud from the site of a planned Disney theme park, saying moving the cancer-causing mud would be dangerous. [Click For More]

WASHINGTON — Male frogs exposed to even very low doses of the common weed killer atrazine can develop mutations. [Click For More]

In the first case ever in which a rental property manager was prosecuted for failing to notify a tenant about a lead-based paint hazard, James T. Aneckstein has been sentenced to 15 months imprisonment. [Click For More]

DETROIT (AP) -- Officials estimated that more than 10,000 gallons of oil flowed into the Rouge River during the last five days, the largest spill on Great Lakes waterways in a decade. [Click For More]

After nearly three million work hours, only 35 workers at the World Trade Center recovery site suffered injuries that resulted in lost workdays, OSHA announced today. Of the 35 reported cases, none were life threatening. [Click For More]

Of all of the country's armed services, none in the last few months has reoriented itself more speedily or radically than the Coast Guard charged with protecting the country's 95,000 miles of shoreline. [Click For More]

Arlington, Va -- (EPA) will hold a technical briefing on April 16 to present its revised risk assessment for the chemical atrazine, a herbicide used widely in the United States on corn, sorghum and other crops. [Click For More]

Denova Environmental Inc., will be allowed to continue receiving certain kinds of explosive waste, once it meets terms of a settlement with the California Department of Toxic Substances Control. [Click For More]

DALLAS -- Crown Central Petroleum Corp., in Pasadena, Texas, has agreed to pay $101,500 in penalties for citations issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. [Click For More]

An explosion and fire at a New Haven, Conn., plastics manufacturer and its failure to address hazardous chemical safety issues has resulted in proposed fines of more than $33,000 against the company. [Click For More]

Ahmedabad, India - If the recent trend of attacks on industrial estates continues, Ahmedabad could see the kind of tragedy that hit Bhopal in 1984. [Click For More]

In the first criminal case in the United States involving a violation of the Lead Hazard Reduction Act, David D. Nuyen of Silver Spring, Md., was sentenced to serve two years in prison and pay a $50,000 fine. [Click For More]

A federal judge ordered Schenectady International to pay more than $2 million for the cleanup of toxic chemicals left at an industrial site including the removal of heavy lead, mercury, volatile organic compounds and PCBs. [Click For More]

OSHA has found 11 serious health violations at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, including the presence of cadmium and lead in lunchrooms and water fountains. [Click For More]

The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) requires any person who intends to manufacture a new chemical to notify EPA and comply with the statutory provisions pertaining to the manufacture of new chemicals. [Click For More]

Long term exposure to arsenic, a common groundwater contaminant in some areas, has been linked to heart attacks, strokes and diseased arteries. [Click For More]

High-tech trash, such as computer components, circuit boards and electronic gadgets, is becoming one of the largest hazardous waste problems in the U.S. with some 4.3 million tons of the stuff discarded in 1999. [Click For More]

Preventing worker deaths, injuries and illnesses will be the focus of EXPO 2002 to be held March 25 and 26, at the Mobile Convention Center. [Click For More]

The Semiconductor Industry Association said yesterday that it would take new steps to monitor the effects of chemicals used in the production of chips on the health of the industry's workers. [Click For More]

Four men pleaded guilty in the second largest case ever in terms of the amount of chlorofluorocarbon refrigerants (CFCs) unlawfully imported—1,760 tons. [Click For More]

Eight cars of a 79-car train derailed in Atlanta, and leaked about 600 gallons of the hazardous chemical hexamethylenediamine before it was contained. [Click For More]

The Research and Special Programs Administration is amending the Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR) in the 'List of Hazardous Substances and Reportable Quantities' table. [Click For More]

An Ohio man was sentenced to 13 months imprisonment and ordered to pay $22,600 in restitution to the city of Cleveland for improper disposal of 469 bags of asbestos-containing waste. [Click For More]

A company's failure to protect workers from a variety of hazards that resulted in a double fatality, has led to proposed citations and fines against Multiple Concrete Enterprises, Inc., of Ogden, Utah. [Click For More]

A Montana power company's failure to protect employees working in areas with potentially explosive accumulations of coal dust has led OSHA to issue citations and $181,000 in proposed penalties. [Click For More]

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has unveiled the premiere issue of its new electronic communication tool which will be e-mailed on a regular basis to subscribers. [Click For More]

The Pesticide Toxicology 101 Seminar (April 2-3), sponsored by the Consumer Specialty Products Association (CSPA) is designed for non-toxicologists who work in firms that formulate and register end-use pesticides. [Click For More]

The Environmental Working Group charges that the FDA is failing in its public health obligation to protect pregnant women and the developing fetus from the toxic effects of mercury. [Click For More]

OSHA identifies 13,000 workplaces with highest injury and illness rates - employers have been notified that injury and illness rates at their worksites are higher than average. [Click For More]

A new Spanish webpage will help the Occupational Safety and Health Administration reach out to non-English speaking employers and workers. [Click For More]

The co-owner of Environmental Services and Products Inc., in Kansas City, Kan., pleaded guilty to illegally storing more than 80 drums of hazardous wastes at his facility. [Click For More]

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has endorsed a voluntary product stewardship program designed to reduce workplace exposures to refractory ceramic fiber (RCF) products. [Click For More]

A 42-year-old Bridgeport, Michigan woman is recovering after an apparent cardiac arrest caused by a chemical reaction to cleaning products. [Click For More]

The former chief mate of the S.S.Trinity, was indicted on a charge of misconduct, stemming from an incident in which a crew member died after exposure to the toxic chemical methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE). [Click For More]

OSHA Safety and health training on occupational exposure to hazards in medical and dental offices will be held at Waubonsee Community College in Sugar Grove, Ill., on Tuesday, March 12. [Click For More]

The Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturers Association's document - Security Guidelines for the U.S. Chemical Industry - has recently been published and made available at the SOCMA website. [Click For More]

Courtney & Co. Inc., of Texas City, Texas, and its former president, were charged with storing approximately 1000 gallons of waste paint, toluene, xylene, methyl-ethyl ketone and waste paint solvents. [Click For More]

Online help with identifying whether a waste is hazardous, requirements for hazardous waste generators and small quantity generators; and hazardous waste ID# and reporting requirements. [Click For More]

PUEBLO, Colo. -- A local wire manufacturer's failure to protect employees from serious hazards such as overexposure to lead has led OSHA to issue $179,500 in citations against the company. [Click For More

North Carolina man charged with illegal mercury disposal faces a maximum sentence of up to five years in prison and/or a fine of $100 per day of violation. [Click For More

Consumer Pesticide Hotline Changes Name - The National Pesticide Information Center provides comprehensive information on pesticides, including toxicological and medical information. [Click For More

Until recently, few manufacturing companies would have claimed compliance with hazmat regulations as a competitive advantage, and they would not have viewed the generation of MSDSs as a business-critical function. [Click For More

OSHA has announced that enforcement efforts will increase in Fiscal Year 2002, with more inspections targeting workplaces where injury and illness rates are the highest. [Click For More

OSHA has cited Meadow Gold Dairies for failure to protect employees from hazards including potential over-exposure to anhydrous ammonia and proposed penalties totaling $174,000. [Click For More

The EPA is amending the national emission standards for hazardous air pollutants (NESHAP) for phosphoric acid manufacturing and phosphate fertilizers production plants under authority of the Clean Air Act. [Click For More

EPA is proposing a new use rule for: C.I. Pigment Orange 20, Chromic Acid, Lead(2+) Salt (1:1), Chromium Lead Molybdenum Oxide, Lead Molybdenum Oxide, Sulfuric Acid, and C.I. Pigment Red 104. [Click For More

Scientists have identified two microorganisms that may provide an effective way to remove benzene, a highly toxic chemical, from contaminated soil and groundwater. [Click For More

A California man was sentenced to five months in prison and seven months home detention and ordered to pay $9,270 in fines for unlawfully removing asbestos at the Delta Sugar Plant in Clarksburg, Calif. [Click For More

WASHINGTON -- Phillips Petroleum will pay over $2 million in penalties for safety and health violations, as part of a settlement agreement announced by U.S. Secretary of Labor Elaine L. Chao. [Click For More

Failure of a Hammondsport, N.Y., computer manufacturer to follow a range of safety and health standards has resulted in 50 citations by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and proposed penalties of $105,750. [Click For More

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced that Lunda Construction Co., of Black River Falls, WI., exposed workers to unsafe levels of lead and faces proposed penalties $250,000. [Click For More

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