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Linking to individual manufacturer's websites is not the optimal solution.



Each Month Over 175,000+ Unique Users From Business, Government, The Military, The Healthcare Industry,  And The Educational Community, Access The MSDS-SEARCH National Repository To Find Information On The Chemical Products They Use Or Intend To Purchase.


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  • The MSDS-SEARCH National Repository was designed using the specifications of the American Petroleum Institute’s Petroleum Industry Data Exchange (PIDX) MSDS User Group.
  • The number one request made by all users of MSDS information is that they be able to go to one location on the Internet and gain access to all the MSDS documents they need, regardless of the manufacturer. Your customers want this and are making their desires known in record numbers. Look what they are saying.
  • 83% of user queries are for product name, product ID number, or synonym - they do not know the manufacturer of the product. If your MSDSs are on your website, many of your customers can't find you. More important - potential customers making buying decisions can't find you.
  • MSDS-SEARCH has successfully positioned itself as the "Vortal" (a vertical portal with access to specific information) for MSDS related subject matter. This is a unique position shared by no other Internet website.
  • The ability for a manufacturer to advertise a product for $60 per year via the National Repository to such a precisely focused group of 175,000+ users per month who are actively making purchasing decisions is unique in industry and available only through MSDS-SEARCH. Our Top 25 Users This Month
  • The "Goodwill" factor generated from participation in the National Database can be used to a significant marketing advantage.
  • If a user desires to make a purchase, they can be forwarded directly to your order desk.

Has your company been asked to participate?

If You Would Like To Make Your Product Information (MSDSs) Available To This Market, Contact Us For Details


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