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Here is what your customers are saying about the National Repository.
  "Obtaining MSDSs often requires more than one phone call and takes 1 to 3 working days for an MSDS to be faxed. Often the faxed copies are unreadable because the pages were shrunk down. I have had as many as four pages condensed onto one and then faxed to me. These MSDSs do not just sit in a binder, we require our employees to read them on a regular basis. A website like this could be a real lifesaver. Literally."

  "We are very interested in obtaining our chemical supplier MSDSs via a public Internet source. Thanks for your efforts in this area."

   "This is a great site. We have been trying to get electronic media for over a year from many of the manufacturers listed."

  "We would like to be able to use this service as our sole-source for MSDSs. In order to achieve that goal, all of our suppliers must participate."

  "Thank God I found this! You wouldn't believe how much time I have spent searching for updated MSDS's. Thanks for your help."

  " I want to be able to have access to a database that has the information UPDATED that I need. I can't do my job with outdated MSDS's. I want accurate information."

  "This is a great site."

  "The day may come when companies who are serious about hazcom do not buy chemical products from firms that do not participate in an internet MSDS database. MSDS management is still a big problem and the internet appears a viable solution."

  "Having all of the MSDSs at one site in a readily retrievable form is a noble goal."

  "This is something that I find as a buyer of products very important to have. When I do go to purchase a new product, I look to see how readily available the MSDS is. "

  "At Northwest Airlines we have over 2000 different chemicals. I would like to have ready access to the MSDS of the chemicals we use."

  "Sure is an easy way to get 'quality' (not faxed) MSDSs very quickly."

  "EXCELLENT!! I am REALLY impressed with your site. There has been a need for this type of service for years. I have been dealing with OSHA and EPA regs for the past 12 years. MSDS have been my recurring nightmare. It seems I use them for everything - environmental reporting, HAZCOM, Emissions Inventory, Chemical Inventory, etc."

  "In an emergency situation this is the most logical way to go - one stop shop for MSDS."

  "Please place your inventory of products MSDSs on this site for not only wholesalers of your products but for consumers as well for an easy way to access the information we need."

  "Having the MSDS at hand in case of emergency will potentially save a life. Please make them freely available."


usps_logo.gif (1639 bytes)"Please make your MSDS information more readily available to those in need of them!"

"I think your Web Site is fantastic."

"We would appreciate if we had easy access to your data base to retrieve msds & spec. information in a timely manner."

"I just eliminate those products from our company that make it difficult at best to comply with this new era of MSDS on demand."

"Having a single source of MSDS's is very important. I whole-heartedly support this endeavor, and challenge companies to lead by example, and submit their information."

   "GM requires a full disclosure MSDS for every product that is used at GMs facilities. I need the full disclosure MSDS. These MSDSs must not be more than 2 years since update i.e. 1998."

WhiteSands.jpg (3914 bytes)U.S. Army - White Sands Missile Range
"If we run out of a product which we normally use, we have to locally purchase a replacement product which would meet our required specifications. The MAIN determining factor of which manufacturer is selected is based upon availability of online MSDS's for their products. We cannot use the product without one and many times do not have the time or resources to contact the manufacturer for a Fax."

"Thanks for having such a great website in working order; it has really helped me find the MSDS reports that I needed!"

"When I bring up a manufacturers home page, I very seldom find MSDS as an option to select from the home page. I feel that Material Safety Data Sheets should be one of the primary selections at any web site that has a product that requires MSDS. A persons life could well depend on a medical doctor or poison control centers ability to locate a MSDS rapidly. However, a better solution to the MSDS problem would be to have a central location that would have on file, a copy of every MSDS produced by every company that manufactures a product or ships a product to be sold within the USA. Locating MSDS should be fast, easy, and no charge. A company should be given the choice, either make them easy to locate, or include them with every item that they sale. Given that choice I am sure that they would make them easy to find. NOTE TO MSDS SEARCH: You have my permission to send a copy of my comments to every congressperson that you think might give-a-hoot." NASA Langley Research Center

"Please make access to your products' MSDS sheets easier to obtain, for the safety of those that use them." United Auto Workers


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