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T2 Labs      Terpene (d-limonene) solvents, chemicals, and cleaning agents
Tabex Canada, Inc.

TACC International Corp.   Adhesives and sealants
TAMKO Roofing Products, Inc.          Roofing Cements and coatings
Tandy Corp.    Caution- distribute for many manufacturers - may not be current
Tangent Industries       Janitorial supplies, insecticides      Phone and email request only
Tanner Industries      Anhydrous ammonia and aqua ammonia  
Taracorp/IMACO, Inc.  Solder products and fluxes
Taylor Labs, Inc.          Industrial cleaning compounds     Phone and email request only
Taylor Tools     Floor covering products  
TCR Industries      Resins, biocides, surfactants, defoamers, etc  Caution- distribute for many manufacturers - may not be current  Phone request only
Technol Fuel Conditioners, Inc. STR-2+    Fuel conditioners, lubricants and detergents
Tech Spray, Inc.
Chemical cleaners and anti-static solutions    [Click on product to find MSDS]
Teco Finance Export     Hemp Seed Oil
       Teco Finance Export     Sheabutter
Ted Pella, Inc.    Chemicals for electron and light microscopy    List  by part number
Tektronix     Xerox office products
Temple-Inland Forest Products Corporation       

        Shop & Moulding Lumber

Tempo Products Company     Marine paints and epoxies
Terlyn Industries, Inc.   Water treatment products
Terra Industries Inc.     Fertilizers, herbicides, and seed treatments   [Click on product to view [MSDS]
TET Halco (Teledyne Electronic Technologies)    Soldering products for the printed circuit board industry
Texaco, Inc.     or  Phone or email only  
Texarome, Inc.
Texas Nova-Chem Corp      Prosoap hand cleaner
The Ark Enterprises, Inc.    Superabsorbents   (Click on "Product"  then "MSDS")      Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current

The Astonishing Products Company, Inc.     Products for rust, stains, and corrosion removal     Email request only
The Belknap White Group    Flooring products     Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
The Boelter Companies        Food service and janitorial products      Online request only
The Clorox Company     Email request only
The Dow Chemical Company     Product look-up       Phone, Fax, and Email requests only
        Acrylic Monomers      HEA, HPA, GMA
        Caustic Soda Products     

        Chlorinated Solvents and Intermediates     Aerothene, Methylene Chloride, Trichloroethlyene, Perchloroethylene   [Registration required]   Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian
        Cyclotene      Polymers for thin-film microelectronics
        Engineering Plastics      ABS, polycarbonate, polypropylene     Email request only
The Geon Company      Vinyl (PVC) resin and compounds    On line or phone request only
The George Basch Co., Inc.

The Gorilla Group      Plastic pipe cement
The Lincoln Electric Company    Welding products
The Norac Company, Inc.     Ketone peroxides   [Online request only]
Thermadyne Industries - Stoody     Hardfacing & Welding Alloys
        Thermal Dynamics     Plasma Cutting Systems

        Tweco Arcair    Arc Welding Products

        Victor   Gas Apparatus
        Victor Specialty Products     Manifolds & Pressure Controls
Thermo Electron Corporation (ThermoOrion)
  Chemical measurement products
        ThermaAlko     Product index    Blood gas and ISE products
         Thermo Shandon   Anatomical pathology products

Thermo Trilogy Corporation
The Schundler Company
The Scotts Company      Professional Horticulture products     [Click on product to see MSDS]

The Spittle Company       Hydro-seeding products
The SulfaTreat Company    H2S removal products
The TDJ Group, Inc.    Blastox
The World of Greener Pastures Inc.
        Nature's Weed Control 20-1-3
        Blade Runner 15-1-9
        Humic Plus 9-1-5
        Tiger By The Tail 8-1-5
The W. W. Henry Company        Adhesives
         Ardex        Specialty Cements
Thompson's Waterseal
    Waterseals and paints    Online and phone request only
Thornell Corporation      Odor eliminator
Tilley Chemical Company, Inc.    Chem, solv, oils and lubes     Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current   Email request only
Titebond (Franklin Industries)   Glues and adhesives
TMI Adhesives     Roll-tail adhesives
TM Pratt & Company - Permatex    Permitex - acrylic wall texture products
        Viela          Venetian plaster finish
        Glu cote     Acrilic primer
TN Technologies           Instruments for density and flow measurement

Toll Gas and Welding Supplies       Welding supplies        Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
Tommy Tape Mfg., Inc.   Synthetic elastomeric tape      (Email and phone request only)
Torpac, Inc.      Gelatin capsules
Tosco Corporation (76 Lubricants Company)     Lubricants, oils and greases    

TosoHaas (Tosoh Corp.)       Chromatography products     Online request only
Towne International, Inc.           Dental supplies        Phone and email request only
Transene      Products for the electronics industry      Phone and email request only
Treasure Coast Group International, Inc. Therma-Cover thermal barrier  (Phone request only)

Tregaskiss Ltd.      Tough Gard welding splatter protector
Triad Disposables, Inc.      Medical Products    
Tri-Plex Technical Services, Ltd.   Carpet care products   [Click on product to view MSDS]
Trisep Corporation
Tropical Seas, Inc.     Bath and body products   (Phone and email request)
TSI, Inc.     Automotive A/C products
Tube Forgings of America, Inc.    Coating and fitting material     Online request only
Turnage Farms, Inc.      Emu oil
T.W. Brown Oil Co., Inc.  
Twin-Chem, Inc.     Mastic removers and abatement chemicals   Phone request only
Tweco/Arcair (Div. Thermadyne Industries, Inc.)   Arc welding products
Twin Pines of Maine, Inc.     Products to protect collectibles
TXI Riverside Cement         (email request)
        Sakrete Concrete Mix


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MSDS Databases    Software and Services    Government and Organizations    Info


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