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SAFETEC of America, Inc.   Disinfection, and protection products     Email request

        Handcare products

        Spill control

        Surface disinfectants
Safety Materials Ind.    Cold Fire fire suppressant  & Odor Seal odor eliminator   Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
Safety Supply South     Safety supplies    Phone and email request only     Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
SAF-T-EZE  (Div. STL Compound Corporation)       Lubricants
Samuel Cabot, Inc.      Paints and finishes  [click on product   then tech data]
Samuel E. Allen & Associates     Citricidal grapefruit extract

Sandtastic, Inc.     Non-toxic, no-lead resin based, colored sand      Toll free, fax, and email request only

Sanford Corporation      [Enter "%" to see all MSDSSearch MSDSs]     Pens and art supplies
Sanitary Supply Co., Inc.
     [Click on product to see MSDS]   Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current

Sargent-Welch (VWR, Inc.)      Science education supplies
Sartomer Company      Specialty chemicals   On line request only
Saudi Formaldehyde Chemical Company Ltd.    Formaldehyde and derivatives  Online request only
Saveguard (UK) Ltd.     Textile products and materials
Saw Palmetto Harvesting Company      Saw Palmetto
Schering-Plough      Enter a "+" and click search to see all products
    Schering-Plough Animal Health
    Schering-Plough Healthcare
    Schering Corporation
    Professsional Pharmaceutical Corp.
    Warrick Pharmeceuticals
Schuller Corporation
Schundler Company
Scientific Instrument Services
Scientific Polymer Products, Inc.     Research grade monomers, polymers and plasticizers   [ enter "%" to see full list of products]
Scitex Digital Printing, Inc.     Printing inks
Schnee-Morehead, Inc.   Copolymers and sealants
S.C. Johnson Wax Professional   Floor care, food safety, cleaners/disinfectants   [Registration required]
      Drackett Professional     Cleaning Products
      U. S. Chemical   Specialty cleaning chemicals   Phone request only
      Whitmire Micro-Gen Laboratories, Inc.     Pest control products
               Food Safety Products
               Turf & Ornamental Products
Scottdell, Inc.      Bonded urethane carpet cushion material

Scotts Company     Professional Horticulture products   (Phone and online request only)
     Herbicides - Fungicides     [Click on product to find MSDS]
Scott Supply Service, Inc.        Industrial & automotive fasteners   List of MSDS    Phone and email request only
SCP Science       Inorganic analytical instruments, supplies, standards, and reagents   Password required
Scytek Laboratories       Laboratory supplies     [Email request only]

Seaboard Asphalt Products Company     Roofing products and sealants    Click on product to find MSDS
SEAL-IT Products International Incorporated     Concrete, metal & wood sealants

Seal-Krete, Inc.     Waterproofing and coating products  [Click on product to find MSDS]
Seal Rite International      Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
Seaman Corporation       FiberTite roofing products and synthetic fabrics
Sedona Lab Products      Laboratory stains
Seneca Tek, Inc.     Chem-Kwik cleaner     Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
Senik & Renshaw, Inc. (Senik Paint Co.)    Automotive Products   Phone and Email request only    Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
Sensor Products, Inc.      Pressure indicating products    Email request only
Sentinel Products, Inc.
Sepro Herbicides      [Enter "MSDS" to see list of available documents]
Seton Identification Products
Setre Chemical Company
SFR Corp.       Superior Friction Reduction products
Shachihata, Inc.   Xstamper pre-inked rubber stamps
Shaler Company
     Rislone engine treatments
Shanxi Friends Union Chemicals Co., Ltd.      Thiocyanates
Sharp Electronics   [Must know msds#, model # or supply number]
Shaw Mudge & Company      Fragrance chemicals         Email request only

Shell Chemicals      Online request only
Shell Oil Company     Petroleum Products
         Shell Australia   Online request only
         Shell Aviation Australia      Online request only
Sherwin-Williams Paints (Search Engine)   or  List      Interior and exterior paints and finishes
        Sprayon Industrial  Click on product catagory, click on product, click on MSDS (at top of page)   or Fax back
Shimadzu       Analytical laboratory equipment    Online request only
Shun Chia Industrial Company Limited      Solvents for the coatings industry
Sigma-Aldrich and Sigma Diagnostics     search for product, but must register to get MSDS  Help Desk
Sika Corporation Constructiuon Products   Chemicals and coatings
        Sika Industry    Polyurethanes, epoxies, butyl and elastomeric materials
Silbond Corporation    Ethyl silicate derivatives
Silbrico Corporation      Perlite products
Silmaco NV      Silicates manufacturing
Silvertown Products, Inc.    Deck and siding stain
Simple Green     Disinfectants, cleaners and degreasers
J.R. Simplot Company (M&C Group)     Food processing, fertilizer manufacturing, agriculture
Singerman Laboratories
Siolog, Inc.       RTV silicone elastomers      Email request only
Siplast       Roofing and waterproofing products     Online request only
SIRCHIE Finger Print Laboratories, Inc.     Criminal investigation equipment & supplies      Email request only
SNJ Model Products    Paints and thinners   Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
Sky Products Company, Inc.      Industrial strength Cleaner 10
Smith Fiberglass (AO Smith)     Fiberglass products
Solen (Solution Engineering, Inc.)     Specialty chemicals  [Password required]  or Online request  
Solutia Inc.  (Formerly the chemical businesses of Monsanto)    Consumer, household, automotive and industrial products    or Search by product

         Dequest       Water treatment products     Online request only
         Coatings Products    Coatings performance materials    Online request only
         Skydrol         Hydraulic fluids     Online request only

         SkyKleen      Resin removal and cleaner     Online request only
         Therminol      Heat transfer fluids     Online and email request only
         Ultron            Carpet fiber       Online request only
Sostram Corporation
Sound Specialty Coatings Corporation (Gilman Group, LLC.)    Epoxy products      Email and online request
Source Technology Biologicals, Inc.  Phyton 27     Email and phone request only
Southeastern Radiation Products, Inc.    Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current

Southern Agricultural Insecticides, Inc.  Agrichemicals and fertilizers
Southern Dental Industries, Inc.
    Amalgam capsule
Southern Lithoplate, Inc.      Newspaper printing plates and supplies

Sovereign Specialty Chemicals, Inc.     Sealants and adhesives    [Email request only]
     Industrial solvents and cleaners
Spartan Chemical     Disinfectants, cleaners, waxes, coatings, strippers, metal working fluids
Sparty Industries    Sealant to prevent air leaks and flat tires.
Specialist Refractory Services Limited       Molding and casting products
Specification Chemicals, Inc.        Roofing and plaster restoration products
Spectratech International, Inc.      Lithoplate chemicals
Spectrum Batteries, Inc.       Batteries
SPEX CertiPrep, Inc.          Certified reference materials for the inorganic spectroscopist
SPI Supplies (Structure Probe, Inc.)   Microscope laboratory supplies and equipment

        Magnesium Oxide Single Crystal Substrates
Sporicidin      Sterilizing Solution and Disinfectants   (Email and phone request only)
Spot-X   Water spot remover   Blue Job chrome polish     Phone and email request only
Sprague Energy (Axel Johnson, Inc.)      Industrial, commercial, space heating, and transportation fuels

Springfield Scientific, Inc.       Chemicals for research and industry    Phone and email request only
Sprint Systems of Photography, Inc.      Photochemicals
SRI, Inc. (Scott Research Industries)      Intermediate chemicals for the coatings/adhesive industry, oilsponge
Staedtler     Writing and drafting instruments  (emal request only)
        Ebehardt-Faber     Pencils, chalk, paints, clays     (Online request only)
Stained Glass Biz
      Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
Standard Fusee Corporation (Orion Safety Products)      Signal flares
Star 10, Inc.      Paint stripper   Online and phone request only
Starlite Paint & Varnish Co.   
Architectural and industrial coatings
Startex Chemical, Inc.       Paint thinners and removers   Online, phone, and email request only
State Industiral Products (State Chemical MFG., Co.)
Stay Cool Products          Vest and hardhat cooling systems     Phone and email request only
Steve Weiss & Co., Inc.            Chemicals for pharmaceutical industry    Email request only
Stepan Company - Surfactants      [Click on product for MSDS]  Requires login   Email and phone request
Stone Care International, Inc.      Cleaning, sealing and maintenance products for stone      Phone and email request only
StoneTech Professional (Div. Seal Rite International Protective Chemical Manufacturing)  protective sealers and cleaners
Stoody (Thermadyne Industries)     Hardfacing & Welding Alloys
Strata International, Inc.    Enzyme water treatment products  Click on product to find MSDS
Structure Probe, Inc.      Microscope laboratory products
Struers, Inc.      Materialographic surface preparation products   (Online request only)

Sultan Chemists, Inc     Infection control and oral therapeutic products
Summers Optical

Suncoast Chemicals, Inc.
Sunnyside Corporation      Solvents, chemicals and oils

Sundance AG Inc.
Sunoco, Inc.   Lubricants   (Phone and email request only)

          Sun Company, Inc.  Lubricants  Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
Sunrise Environmental Scientific     Request form only
Sunrise Direct, Inc.          Environmentally safe cleaning products
Supelco (Sigma-Aldrich)  Help Desk
Super-Tek      Construction products
Sur-Lok Corporation      Adhesives
Swagelok   Fluid system components
Sybron Dental Specialties (Ormco)     Orthodotnic products
Symons (Dayton Superior)      Concrete forming products
Syngenta Crop Protection, Inc. (Novartis)     Fungicides, insecticides, herbicides
        Syngenta Australia
        Syngenta Crop Protection, Inc. Canada     MSDS in French and English



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