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IBL (Immuno Biological Laboratories)    Radio Immunoassays and Enzyme Immunoassays

ICI (Delux Paints)    Paints and coatings
        Devoe High Performance Coatings
        Liquid Nails (Macco)        Toll free phone or email request only
        National Starch & Chemical     Adhesives, polymers, starches
            Permabond     Adhesives   Phone request only
ICN Biomedicals, Inc. ( MP Biomedicals)   Biotech. & clinical diag. products  By Category or Online request
ICS/Penetron International Ltd.     Waterproofing products
IDE Interstate Inc.      Dental, medical, veterinary, and pharmaceutical products      Caution - not manufacturer's site - may not be current

IDS, Inc.     Cleaning products    
Ilford Imaging USA, Inc.     Digital imaging products
Illinois Tool Works (ITW) Fluid Products Group     Machining and grinding fluids

IMC Agrico      Phosphate-based agricultural fertilizers and animal feed supplements


        Feed Ingredients      [Click on product to see MSDS]    Online and phone request only 
        Phosphate Products  
        Potash Products   
IMC Salt    Salts
Immucor, Inc.    Blood bank automation products     Phone and online request only
Immuno-Mycologics, Inc.     Serodiagnostic and culture reagents
Imperial Incorporated     Maintenance supplies
Imperial Oil (Esso)     Fax back and toll free  Lubricants and specialty products
IMS, Inc.       Defoamer       Email request only
Inamco Group  medicines, reagents, disposables     Phone and email request only
        Inamco Corp., Medicos Laboratories, Inc, Advanced Diagnostics, Inc., Advanced LifeSciences
Independent Agribusiness Professionals, Inc.
Indium Corporation of America      Solders, fluxes, and electrically-conductive adhesives       Online request only
Industrial Cleaners (Div. Applied Hydro Technologies, Inc.)     Solvents, cleaners, degreasers     Phone and email request only
Industrial Plastics & Paints      Epoxy and resins   Fax-back only   Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
Infiltec      Retrotec Smoke Puffer - titanium tetrachloride (TiCl4)       Email and phone request only
Information Services for Agriculture
Infratec Polymers, Inc. PaveGard
       INFRAREJUVTM ERA-C   Asphalt rejuvenating agent
       PAVEGARD 180   Self bonding pavement membrane
       PAVEGARD 180 B.G.     Bridge grade paving membrane     

       PAVEGARD 180 Crack-A-Tac     Paving membrane

       Rub-Arb   Modified asphalt cements paving binder   

       Stop-A-Drop™     Waterproofing membrane
       Tag 8000R   Asphalt driveway repair material
Injectorall Products      PC board products
InkJet, Inc.   Inks and printers   Online request only
Inland Craft Products, Co.
Innovative Polymers, Inc.      Industrial polyurethane   Phone, and online request only
Insects Limited, Inc.         Pheromones
Institute for Marine Biosciences    Certified reference materials
Intact Distribution Services - Australia     FEAS (Fire Extinguishing Aerosol system)
Interface Solutions, Inc.   Gaskets     Online or phone request
Interflux USA, Inc.    Fluxes, solders and solder paste
International BioProducts      Industrial laboratory supplies       Online and phone request
International Carbide Corp.
International Chemtex Corporation    Water treatment products    Email and phone request only
International Coatings Company Inc.     Screen Printing Inks, Plastisol Molding Compounds, specialty coatings and adhesives

International Marine Coatings (Akzo Nobel)  Paints and coatings  [Requires registration]      List by product #

        Interlux Paints   [Enter "%" for list of all MSDSs]       List by product #
International Metalizing Corporation (IMC)     Epoxy and urethane coatings
International Paper (Decorative Products Div.)   Nevamar laminated plastic    Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
International Remote Imaging Systems, Inc. (IRIS)      In-vitro laboratory diagnostic imaging products
International Resources, Inc.    Specialty chemicals
Interlux Paints    [Enter "%" for list of all MSDSs]
International Paper Ilford division    Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
Interstate Batteries
Invitrogen Life Technologies     Healthcare products    Online request
IPS Corporation    Solvent cements and adhesives   
I.P.M.C., Inc.     NatureSeal   water seal products
IQ Products   Consumer-friendly chemical products  (Phone and Email request only)
Isabel Cristina Beauty Care
      Professional salon products
ITW Fluid Products Group   Machining and grinding fluids
        MRO Specialty Cleaning and Marking Products (Dykem, Mar-Tex Dymon)   Hand
        and body cleaners,  marking Systems, layout fluids, marking systems, cleaners &
        thinners, paints, crayons
IVOCLAR-VIVADENT Group      Dentistry products  (Online  request only)
Iwatani International Corporation of America      BU-5 Butane fuel (email request only)



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