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Type: Resume
Name: William J. Rycroft
Title: ES&H Manager
Address: 7409 Sherwood Dr NW
City: Albuquerque
State: NM
Zip: 87120
Country: USA
Telephone: (505) 352-6850
FAX: (505) 352-0577
Date: 3/26/2003
Time: 11:15:01 AM


William J. Rycroft, REM, CEA 7409 Sherwood Drive NW Albuquerque, NM 87120 (505) 352-6850 Key Words Environment, Health, & Safety; Safety Management; Conduct of Operations; Authorization Basis; Operational Readiness; Safety Analysis Reports; Training/Training Development; Water Quality; Security; Strategic Planning; Facility Assessments; Operations and Maintenance; Employee Development; Cross Connection Control; Regulatory Compliance Emergency Management; Backflow Prevention; Energy Conservation; Corporate Level Management; Personnel Management; Program/Project Management 04/2002-Present, Eclipse Aviation Corporation, EH&S Manager. Responsible for the identification, development, implementation, and management of all environmental health and safety programs, plans, policies and procedures for an aircraft manufacturing facility. Heads the Corporate safety group, manages and directs all safety programs and ensures EH&S regulatory compliance. Coordinates activities at city, state, and federal levels. 02/2001-04/2002, Wackenhut Services, Inc, ES&H/QA Coordinator/Consultant- Primary responsible manager for interface with Department of Energy client at all manufacturing, industrial, and training venues, with responsibilities for: 1) ES&H program management and development; technical guidance; interpretation of ES&H laws, regulations, and directives; quality program development, oversight, and management. 2) Identifying, developing, and providing knowledgeable personnel to perform required duties and conduct required ES&H training. 3) Coordinating and managing the company’s ES&H procedures for: · Hazard Identification, Evaluation, And Control · Investigating And Reporting Accidents, Injuries/ Illnesses, Exposures, And Occurrences. · Training · Personnel/Office Safety · Firearms/Range Safety · Motor Vehicle Safety · Explosives Safety · Environmental Programs · Industrial Hygiene · Employee Safety Committee R4 Enterprises, Inc., Albuquerque, NM; 1998-Present President, CEO As the Founder and Senior Corporate official of this environmental services firm, is responsible for corporate leadership and board level management. Sets the pace and direction of the corporation. Developed, implemented, and oversees all corporate ES&H, security, and quality programs and procedures. Successfully negotiated three contract agreements with major contractors to initiate new work within two months of incorporation. Manages and directs corporate Human Resources development programs. Led company to selection as one of “Albuquerque’s 30 fastest growing businesses” for two years in a row. Managed major environmental projects at locations throughout the US. AmbiTec Division, SCIENTECH Inc, 1995-1998 Director, Program Manager Conceived, planned, organized, directed, coordinated, and controlled start-up activities geared at the creation and marketing of a new environmental company. Identified new opportunities, developed proposals, and grew business to multi million dollar gross revenue in less than three years with no available corporate contracts. Responsible for the development and marketing of all new products and services. Directed the development of industry standard environmental programs and software for cross connection control/backflow prevention at municipal, federal and commercial locations. Simultaneously managed multiple, high complexity, ES&H projects at work-sites worldwide. Recruited and mentored personnel and staffed projects with highly trained professionals possessing required security classifications, training, and certifications in support of Multi State and international efforts. Responsible for the development, implementation, and enforcement of safety policy and procedures. Managed and mentored safety personnel. Oversaw and conducted safety inspections at corporate and client facilities. Belfort Engineering and Environmental Services, 1993-1995 Project Manager, Senior Safety Engineer, Headquarters Department of Energy, Office of Environmental Restoration and Waste Management (EM-40). Evaluated, developed, implemented, and managed numerous safety and environmental programs, plans and procedures for private industry and government at all organizational levels. Conducted and documented field safety and environmental compliance inspections/audits of administrative, industrial, laboratory, explosives, depot, maintenance, research and development, laser, and other operations. Evaluated projects to ensure safety of personnel. Interpreted and disseminated EPA, OSHA, NFPA, AFOSH, DOE, DOD, and other safety regulations. Identified, defined, and wrote safety guidance documents, implementation plans, and procedures at Headquarters and Field levels. Provided technical support to other government agencies by reviewing environmental and safety documentation for compliance with applicable directives. Selected to participate on, Health and Safety Plan (HASP) Working Group. Developed HASP guidance, performance measures, and directives for the implementation of Health and Safety Programs throughout EM. Conducted safety inspections at government and corporate facilities. UNC Analytical Services, 1990-1993 Senior Safety Engineer, Waste Management and Operational Surety Division US Department of Energy, Kirtland AFB, New Mexico Designed program to certify Quality Assurance engineers and specialists as DOE auditors in the Nuclear Weapons Complex. This project required an extensive knowledge of the DOE order system, the DOE Technical Accreditation Program, interaction with all DOE sites within the complex, and a thorough understanding of the concepts of Quality Assurance. As a Quality Assurance Evaluator, performed in-depth evaluations of maintenance personnel and activities. Reviewed and approved quality assurance plans to ensure procedures met requirements. Developed and implemented inspection requirements to ensure compliance with technical specifications. Gathered data and performed trend analysis to indicate acceptable production and identify potential problem areas. Authored/co-authored corporate and field safety programs, plans and guidance. Evaluated existing safety and environmental programs and made recommendations for upgrade. Reviewed Safety documentation and developed criteria for evaluation of future safety activities. Conducted safety analysis, audits, and inspections throughout the nuclear weapons complex. Developed Corporate Safety and Health Plan. US Air Force Air Force Weapons Laboratory, 1985-1990 Technology Assessment Directorate, Executive Officer/ Project Manager/Research and Development Technician/Directorate Safety and Security Officer. Co-managed the USAF's pioneer efforts to develop the national methodology for conducting high-powered microwave effects testing. Managed the testing and evaluation of high-powered microwave effects on the AGM 65 missile. Established milestones, test parameters, test and personnel safety requirements, and directed the logistics functions for the entire operation. Maintained budget, and coordinated the efforts of three national laboratories and four private contractors in conducting accident free operations at four separate locations simultaneously. Managed Operational Security Program at Directorate, Divisional, and Laboratory levels. Conducted hands on safety and security inspections. Managed facilities, operations, and testing of the effects of microwave energy on the F-16 aircraft and selected components. Coordinated the efforts of twenty scientists and technicians, provided technical support, and established test requirements. Develop, implemented, and oversaw project safety program. Managed the procurement of equipment, supplies, manpower, developed and maintained budget, and evaluated contractor performance. Directorate Security Officer, responsible for all elements of security for two divisions. Duties included operations security, communications security, and physical security. Secured voice telephone unit security manager. Provided management and technical support for various other Strategic Defense Initiative research and development projects. Conducted explosives, laser, and high-powered microwave safety and facility security inspections, lethality testing; materials testing and optics and beam control development. Conducted security investigations, test setup operations, and post-test evaluations. Provided explosives safety technical support to operations involving the testing of various other conventional munitions and weapons systems. Set up and conducted munitions test, gathered data, and analyzed the results. EDUCATION/CERTIFICATIONS · Graduate Studies, 1991 · BS, Business Administration/Management, University of Phoenix, 1988 · A.A.S., Aircraft Systems Technology, Community College of the Air Force, 1986 · A.A.S., Transportation/Traffic Management, Community College of the Air Force, 1984 · Registered Environmental Manager, National Registry of Environmental Professionals, 2001 · Certified Emergency First Responder (DOT), American Red Cross, 2002 · Certified Environmental Auditor, National Registry of Environmental Professionals, 2001 · Certificate, EPA Water Quality Standards Academy, US Environmental Protection Agency, 2001 · Certified Forklift Coach, NSC, 2001 · Certified Firearms Instructor, National Rifle Association, 2001 · Certified Chief Range Safety Officer, National Rifle Association, 2001 · Explosives Safety, Explosives Safety International, 2001 · Department of Energy trained instructor, National Nuclear Security Administration, 2000 · Authorized OSHA Outreach Instructor, US Department of Labor, OSHA, 2000 · Certified Backflow Prevention Program Manager, University of Florida, 1999 · Certification, EPA Sanitary Survey, 1994 · Certification, Criterion Referenced Instruction, Megar and Associates, 1991 · Certification, Instructional Module Development, Megar and Associates, 1991 SECURITY CLEARANCE · DOE “Q”-Active, 2001 · DoD Secret-Inactive, 1990

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