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Our property owners are asking for MSDS sheets for all the products that have warning labels on them that we use and store, and our company requires we have them as well. Having them on line would certainly be easier than writing each of you individually asking for them". General Electric Company  
"It would be very helpful to have Material Safety Data Sheets accessible via common web site." Analog Devices, Inc.
"Can you please list your current and most up to date MSDS on the web and make them more and easily assessable to the public. Onyx Industrial
"Please make your MSDS easier to get." Sony
"I'd like to see you guys on this repository." Dana Corporation
"I am looking for a web-site for your company so I may pull MSDS data for fire dept. books." Overland Park Fire Dept.
"These MSDS's are killing me. It took me three hours to find just one MSDS on the internet this morning. I have been on the internet and the phone for almost two weeks searching for MSDS's. It looks like the only easy way to find an MSDS is to buy some expensive software, but I think that's ridiculous. We all have a right to know what chemicals we are using and how to use them properly, and I don't think that anyone should have to pay, or spend days on the internet looking for this information. MSDSSearch is the best site I have found so far that offers completely and limitless access to MSDS's It's GREAT!! The only problem is they don't have permission from you companies to post them all. I think that you will find that in time it will help you out as well as your customers, which is a win-win situation." Callville Bay Resort and Marina
"I would like to know where I can log on directly to Deft Chemicals for their MSDS's. I need the most up to date . I don't want to go thru a library because they are not always the most current." Lockheed Martin
"I am sorry I bought True Value acetone. Where is the website for the MSDS sheets? I think I will stick to the usual brand with easily available MSDS sheets online." Pacific Lutheran University
"I have had little success locating MSDS sheets for your products. I have asked my supplier for help also. No answers. The websites I have visited all refer to a location that apparently doesn't function. My emails are returned as undeliverable. Please help. OSHA won't wait forever and I really like buying & using your product." Corrigan Electric Co. Inc
"You need to post your MSDS on this website." Colby Furniture
"Hard to find MSDS information." City of Los Angeles, Dept. of Airports
"In the state of Florida it is required by OSHA to have a MSDS in an OSHA red book it must include all ingredients of the product, warnings, directions and what to do if swallowed or contact with eyes." Care Therapy & Diagnostics Inc.
"I need easy access to MSDS's for your products." Case Atlantic Company
"We are in need of an MSDS for several of your products. I would greatly appreciate it if you made the MSDSs that are needed available." Buckman Laboratories
"I work for a company that has divisions across Canada and parts of the U.S. It is very difficult to get current MSDS from American manufacturers. Canadian law requires that MSDS are updated every 3 years, which is different that MSDS regulations in the US. If US manufacturers want to sell their products in Canada, why is it so difficult to get updated MSDS from them?" General Scrap
"We have to update MSDS sheets annually." Cedarbrook Nursing Homes
"A Lot of sites have a MSDS clearly marked and some vendors have you guessing. Requirements are that every company will send a MSDS with their merchandise. This is not always True." Department of Veterans Affairs
"I would appreciate having access to MSDS for your products that I purchase because my organization is asking me to throw out (and by implication, stop purchasing) any product that I do not have a MSDS for." Dallas Veterans Administration Medical Center
"We are an electrical contractor and must maintain up to date MSDS information on each of our jobs. It would be very helpful if we could download that information from the internet on each product." Advent Electric Inc.
"I need access to MSDS sheets on your products as we are required to have them accessible to all our employees. Without MSDS info I am required to quarantine your products and NOT use them." BOC Gases
"Please add your company to this MSDS list. Thank you." Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
"I have the English version for all of the products that we purchase from these manufacturers and distributors, however, we now employ in our housekeeping department, individuals that cannot read English or speak the language fluently. I am searching for our current MSDS but in a translated Spanish version." Blue Cross Blue Shield
"Outstanding job. easy to locate, update and download. Makes my job as a safety manager easier and my dream of an on line MSDS manual a reality. Thanks." Smurfit-Stone Container Co
"Thank you for providing MSDSs." Blue Heron Paper Company
"I cannot find any CSDS for lubricant GTX 20w-50." Foamline Industries
"Please supply me with a MSDS, for a preschool, on SolUGuard and the Antibacterial Hand Soap." Melaleuca
"We are attempting to get all soluble and toxic substances cataloged in our MSDS which at this point have not been identified. What we need is a MSDS number and info about the product." Quebecor World Book Services
"Please add your companies product msds's to this web site. It would make doing business with you so much easier. Thank you!" American Services Technology, Inc.
"I need to be able to find where to get MSDS on your products. Please let me know the site I can go to. Some do not show where to look." Cole's Clear Water Well Service
"I have been searching for MSDS's online and am surprised at the number of sites who want to charge for this information. I have been going to the individual company websites, when I can, to get the MSDS. It is a whole lot easier but more time consuming. One website that could provide for a search and free access would be great." Lake Tanglewood, Inc.
"Please list National Stock Numbers if applicable." Air Force Materiel Command
"Wonderful site. Keep up good work!" The Dow Chemical Company
"The less time it takes me to locate a MSDS, the happier I am with the company!" Youhouse Plumbing
"Please make it easier on those of us who must maintain MSDS bases on site. It would waste far less man hours and cause far less frustration. Customer service to the max!" Steelscape, Inc.
"Our customers are requesting MSDS for their use. The Package inserts for formulated products do not satisfy their needs. If you have MSDS documents you should provide them to the national database to allow quick access and around the clock availability." Cornerstone Regulatory
"I'm sick of trying to navigate chemical company sites for MSDS sheets .If the products are safe when used correctly then put up the MSDS." (Private Individual)
"I am changing our MSDS program to electronic based MSDS's and need electronic copies available on the manufacturer's website. This will not only save the consumer (client) time and money, but will save the manufacturer time and money as well. No more mailing MSDS's on your end - no more scanning them in for us!" Utilities Safety Services
"More Architects, Construction Managers and General Contractors are starting to require MSDS every week." Interior Concepts, Inc.
"MSDS's should be available at least through the company website. It is very difficult to obtain MSDS's, leaving messages, non-response to some requests, etc. This makes it difficult for companies to comply with OSHA standards." Wackenhut Corporation
"Need MSDS for these companies..." Kaiser Permanente Medical Group
"Need to know if there's an MSDS for Sony Battery, NP-F550" U. S. Naval Oceanography Command Center
"I need a MSDS sheet for Castrol super clean and Mobil Oil Corp on-line msds" Lennox International
"We use several of your products, especially your rust/lime remover. We think it is the best we have tried, but we will have to stop using it at several locations. Our customers are starting to require us to provide MSDS information on all the products we use, and we have been unable to get the information on your rust remover and your toilet cleaner. Please help us! We want to continue using your products." Commercial Cleaning Service
"Please add MSDS information for the products distributed by your company to the website." State of Louisiana Office of Telecommunications
"I need an MSDS for your product Sodium Bicarbonate, Free Flowing. CAS #144-55-8. We have about 30 bags which need to be disposed." Warsaw Wastewater Treatment
"been trying to get MSDS from Ford and or Motorcraft. for fluids in their vehicles." Arbon Equipment
"Please make accessing MSDS's easier!" PL Custom
"North Arundel Hospital uses your SANI-Cloth HB product through out the hospital. We would like to be able to bring your MSDS up on line." North Arundel Hospital
"Need MSDS for Shinny Side available in PDF file and accessible from your web site." Avchem, Inc.
"I need the MSDS for premium 4 OW40 synthetic oil, I have not been able to get one , I would really appreciate one in order to get our books in order" U.S. Army - Kuwait
"I've been on the search for MSDS' for over a month and it is unreal how difficult it is to find any results! By law, I need to have these updated or else I can't use the product. I've contacted several companies by e-mail and phone and no responses! It really gets frustrating and at least this site attempts to help us out as long as the suppliers co-operate." Alfield Industries
"It would be of great assistance if the MSDS's for manufactured products were easily accessible on the internet - either through a company site or other means. After sending letters and requests for specific requested MSDS, it would make it so much easier." Potts Welding & Boiler Repair Co., Inc.
"Our company is working toward certification to ISO standards 14001 and 18001. It is therefore important that we have and use MSDS sheets for the products we use, including products of all the companies checked or listed above. Having them available on-line at one location would be a great convenience to us at little or no cost to the supplier." Modus Media International
"VERY HELPFUL SITE" Combat Support Associates, Camp Doha, Kuwait
"When hunting a MSDS, the first place I normally go online is MSDSSEARCH. Usually I can quickly find about 30% of the MSDSs for which I am looking. This is a very good website." U.S. Navy
"Thanks for being a great MSDS resource." IBM Corporation
"I need the MSDS for office products for our annual chemical inventory." Social Security Administration
"I am searching for any information on hotline tool care and repair products. I am doing this online, as my organization does not have a recent copy of your catalog. I specifically need MSDSs, as this information is for our hazmat "pharmacy", so that we can order potentially hazardous substances when we need them." U.S. Air Force
"Please provide your MSDS to MSDSSEARCH." .Veterans Administration
"We are trying to see if there is a current MSDS that supercedes MSDS Number ABC/ C45, Revision 2, dated 27 October, 1988." Nellis Air Force Base
"MSDSs for the Molyslip Lubricating Switch Cleaner, and any other potentially hazardous products you manufacture/sell, are unobtainable via your Website. They need to be readily accessible, particularly for people who are long distances and indeed overseas from your London office." Independent Project Officer
"I'm having a hard time obtaining the MSDS for nails by National Nail Corp & EG Nails. It would be great to have a central web site for MSDS. Time is $$$." Preman Roofing
"I need to know important details included in MSDS's as well as other pertinent information about the products themselves, not just the ingredients and components of a product, but also the methods in which they were produced." Becton Dickinson
"Having great difficulty in contacting your company thru the www. Need to make contact with Bostic Emhart - for lubrication products." Quantum Leap Ltd
"I am trying to update our MSDSs. Most of what we have dates back into the 1980s. It would be most helpful if they could be located on the internet where I could print them out for our records." General Dynamics
"It shouldn't be this difficult to access MSDS reports from your company!!!!!" Triad Pizza
"I should be able to find all your products on either your web sites or on" Chugach Support Services Inc.
"I have used this site for 4 years now and have given the address to others to use. I like this site because of the many manufacturers I can reach on one site." CSC, Inc.
"If I knew that there was a web site that would provide me with (updated) MSDS sheets, and I could download / print copies, I wouldn't make a phone call to you and I wouldn't have you mail me the sheets." Maplewood Nursing Home
"Thanks! I really love this site." Canadian Pacific Railway
"I think your site sucks really bad. I tried to find a Hazard Compliance sheet in Spanish, but everywhere I looked I couldn't get or find a straight answer. If your site can't even provide information for the 30% of working Americans who can only read Spanish, then you you should consider taking down your own site!" Education Service Center - Ft. Worth, TX
"Wow!! Awesome site for finding MSDS's! Thank you for all your research! You made my work a lot less difficult!" U.S. Navy
"Love your website, very quick and easy to navigate, all of my needed information was obtained on this site! Thanks!" New Ravenna Mosaics
"It would save a lot of time and added expensed incurred by the buyer if the manufacturer would keep MSDS's out on the Internet. When a buyer has to maintain around 1000 different MSDS's and try to keep current ones, it is very time consuming and often pretty difficult to track down MSDS's through manufacturer by phone and fax. Faxed transmissions that then are scanned and downloaded into Adobe files for employee perusal are often poor quality or seem to get "lost" in the mail due to an inadequate voice/computerized retrieval system." Lennox Industries Inc.
"I have recommended to my facilities department that we purchase from manufacturers who publish MSDS lists on the internet in order to save time and money." City of Gresham
"In the past, community colleges have inherited chemicals from larger institutions without MSDS. We need them. We also need to teach students about searching the web for this kind of info and to have all of it in one place is invaluable!! Web-based safety assignments are made easier - and students become familiar with company names they may work with in the future. The more participation, the better!" Olney Central College
"Electronic versions of ALL MSDS should be made available for consumer to access." State of Alaska Department of Administration
"We are trying to update our MSDS & chemical inventory. We have several sheets with a telephone number for the product name, and this is very confusing. I have tried your company website and I can come up with nothing when I try to retrieve product information for the MSDS's." 7-SIGMA, Inc.
"We need to have discontinued prod. info MSDS's for older stock." Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education
"I find it very difficult to obtain MSDS from a variety of companies at one time. We all need to be in OSHA compliance and any timesaving techniques for obtaining this safety data is a benefit to all." U.S. Postal Service
"Please provide your MSDS to MSDSSEARCH" Veterans Administration
"Chemical product manufacturers who truly understand the importance of customer service also understand the importance of making their Material Safety data Sheets available to their customers electronically. And you can't beat the convenience of having the MSDS available from a central repository like MSDSSearch! I look forward to the day when electronic access to MSDS will be required for our chemical product suppliers to be designated as a Preferred Vendor." Pella Corporation
"Please provide at least a link so customers can call your company when searching for an MSDS." United Coatings
"It would be great to be able to access MSDS from a central source." Lancaster Sheet Metal Limited
"Can not have products on premises without MSDS available." Ford Motor Company
"Very difficult to get MSDS information in a timely fashion." McDonald Wholesale
"I would like to see if I could get a MSDS sheet for Peptavlon Pentagastrin." The Procter and Gamble Company 
"We need MSDS information for our landscaping pre apprenticeship classes." Home Builders Institute
"Am having extreme difficulty in loggting on to a site in which to retrieve an MSDS sheet for High Solid Enamel ECO-SURE Low VOC (60%) aerosol Flat White #37825 UPC #8010-01-331-6106." United States Air Force
"I would like an update on an MSDS on the product isopropyl alcohol (99%)arco chemical. I did try going on a website but had no luck." Pioneer Plastics
"I need an electronic MSDS for Alkyl Bromide. I would love to have access to electronic MSDSs for your products!" The Dow Chemical Company
"I need a MSDS for Caustic Soda Liquid (All Grades) This information should be the most recent MSDS. From Occidental Chemical Corporation." The Procter and Gamble Company
"Thank-you very much for supplying Material Safety Data Sheets for your products. Our Occupational Safety and Health Inspector is very concerned about EXPIRED sheets and considers them completely invalid." Seven Oaks General Hospital
"I have the most difficult time finding MSDS's for your products. We are required by law to have them for every product. If we cannot find the information for your products we will choose products from other companies." TXU Business Services, Inc.
"I work for the government and it is required by the Safety Dept to have MSDS's on file." Naval Undersea Warfare Center
"We need to have access to your msds sheets because we have much tighter requirements on this kind of information than the civilian world." U. S. Marine Corps
"Love your site. Use it quite extensively." Pratt and Whitney
"We are using your Acu-dyne product and are in need of MSDS sheets for this item. Cannot find anything on the internet or through McKesson's web site for this information." Bozeman Deaconess Hospital
"Be more specific when classifying the HMIS rating so one does not have to guess how to label the material." W.R. Grace Co.
"Aside from commercial products there are some who utilize household products in the office. Nonetheless, we are still required to have MSDS sheets for these products, however, in many cases the only MSDS sheets available, (online anyway) are for commercial products." Norton Sound Health Corporation, EMS Dept.
"I am needing information on a Banner Labs Solvent, Super Solve 700. I have a leaking drums that I need to get rid of." Texas Children's Hospital
"Do you have a web site for Material Data Safety Sheets for Ace Hardware products? Please give me information on where I can find them. We have quite a few of your products and need the MSDS." Environmental & Safety Support Group
"It is my feeling that all MSDS sheets for products made in our country should be public record and accessible by the general public." Stutsman, Mulvaney & DeBoer
"Can't find any information regarding the hysol part a and part b product." U.S. Navy
"I'm having a lot of difficulty finding MSDS's for your company's products." Navy & Marine Corps Reserve Center
"Your msds for the "ba5390" lithium manganese battery does not provide the shipping class. Example: class 2, class 9 it is difficult to ship your product to our other units." U.S. Army
"I have been trying for 3 months to get MSDSs from Graziani for Resina Thermoset OB/1, Catalizzatore Haerter AT/34, Grafite Austriaca EG55, Sabbia PMG, and Distaccante with no reply." Meridian International Group, Inc.
"We are required to furnish an MSDS with any order.If I can't find an MSDS for the product I want I am forced to go to another Brand where I can easily obtain their MSDS." Chugach Support Services Inc.
"We use your product at our facility and we need the Lubriderm MSDS sheet for compliance in the regulations. Your prompt assistance will be greatly appreciated" Mercer County Geriatric Center
"I need a National Stock Number and MSDS for ELC-PS Electrical Contact Cleaner." Tennessee Air National Guard
"I need to find out the possible health hazards, and if a person was in a small space with no ventilation, could a person possibly be overcome by the fumes to the extent they are unconscious? I am not questioning the safety of the product in general, I am questioning the consequences of the product not being used properly. The numbers on both the bottles in question are; Johnsonís wax/finish/vectra 04078 and 114070010 and Johnsonís wax professional/ stripper 04609 and 114610006. I would really appreciate as much info as possible on these products! " A Customer
"Thanks for making your MSDS available on line through the Nat'l Repository." Patton Building Services, Inc.
"Please be a responsible Mfg. and help the general public understand their exposure risk to your products." State of California
"To find the MSDS for your products, I need the manufacturer of the product, not the distributor like NEXCOM, etc. Additionally, it's great that your website has provided a link to MSDS's, but it doesn't help me if I don't know who the manufacturers are. Pacific Fleet, U. S. Navy
"I am finding difficult to get MSDSs from Enterprise Paint Co." Precept Ministries
"I need the MSDS on your Full Thane 2K Uethane" U.S. Marine Corps
"We need a list of your MSDS sheets for all of your products. We are updating our MSDS books and we use many of your products." Lakeshore Lutheran Home
"Our service unit Bio-Med Dept. is presently updating our msds log. It would greatly be appreciated if MSDS's could be provided to us for the specific chemicals we have in stock." Indian Health Service
"We need a MSDS sheet on Lupron 3.75mg. The nurse giving the medication got a needle stick." Hartford OBGYN
"I work at a school and we deal with chemicals and it is required from OSHA that we have the MSDS data with the chemicals. Please ask if they can provide their MSDS information." JQ San Miguel Elementary School - Guam
"I am presently trying to update our msds books and find it very frustrating when they can't be found, do to mergers and wrong phone numbers. When I go to their web site they don't have a list of the ones that I need . It would be nice if you could get them all in one location." Mead Corporation
"I am trying to update my company's MSDS books. There are some copies I receive are unreadable. I need to know dates, DOT numbers, and flash points." RD Instruments
"What are your recommended procedures in the use of Corothane II and Macropoxy HS in an old occupied office buildings with no central air conditioning. A building that has office workers and is daily visited by the public including children and pregnant women. What precautions and/or preparations are suggested before using these chemicals in order to make it safe." NYC Dept. of Health
"Posting MSDS' on line would be a huge time saver for us and yourselves." Kilauea Agronomics, LLC
"My colleagues and I have been in contact with your company/ies and would like the MSDS information to be provided readily. We have had nothing but problems with the systems that are in place." Venture Industries
"It would be nice if the manufacturer was printed on the product so a MSDS Sheet would be easier to obtain." Arizona State Government
"There is an increasing need for MSDS documentation. Rather than having to chase up distributors or individual manufacturers product-by-product, a central repository is the best way to go. Responsible manufacturers should embrace this concept." M.K.White Pty Ltd
"The MSDSs for this company have been impossible to come by, in spite of my contacts by phone and mail, and my attempts to find an email address or web site. I have been trying since September 2002 to get several MSDSs from them to no avail. We have several of their products in our janitorial closet that we need MSDSs on." East Tennessee Regional Health Office - State of Tennessee Department of Finance and Administration
"The distributors are not doing a very good job of providing MSDS Sheets as required. This requires numerous hours of calling or research to find the MSDS sheets. They should be made readily accessible with minimal effort through the internet." First American Plastic Molding Enterprise
"An ability to quickly download product MSDS's is a very useful tool given all the efforts made to stay compliant with haz-com Federal and State regulations." T & T Truck & Crane Service
"I am interested in buying a SCENTED laundry powder detergent to resell in South America. I want to purchase bulk amounts. Please contact me." CODABE
"I am looking for the manufacturer of crown lacquer" State Fire Marshal's Office
"Request MSDS for the "cards" for the GX-250 and GX-550 switch equipment. Need to know disposal requirements." WilTel Communications
"A great idea! Now if you can get the major chemical companies (Fisher, Sigma-Aldrich, etc) to send you their product MSDS's you would be a major source of MSDS's." University of North Carolina at Charlotte
"People depend on having access to MSDS's for many businesses. At hospitals, they are essential and can sometimes mean the difference between life and death." Warren Hospital
"You need to make it easier to find Msds's on your site instead of giving people the run around. Be direct." U.S. Marine Corps
"I work for the U S Postal Service and require MSDS's for products that you provide for us." U. S. Postal Service
"Please send me some information on how to receive MSDS for your products." Enka-Candler Fire and Rescue
"Is there a way to get more of the current paint companies to online their MSDS's? i.e. Valspar, McKloskey, etc. I frequently get customer requests for an MSDS covering a product they want to buy. It would be great to be able to provide this information from your site." Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES)
"Excellent Web Site." Martin Army Community Hospital
"You've got a totally cool website! I love it!" Advanced Glazing Systems Ltd.
"This central registry is absolutely essential to those of us who need to keep up with the constant changes and updates of MSDS's. Please consider using this useful tool for those of us dealing with the health and safety of our employee's." Troy Vines, Inc.
"I am concerned at the fact that NONE of my vendors can supply MSDS's. They act like it is a big problem for them to "find" them. Shouldn't they be on hand...Just In Case?" Japanese Auto Center
"We use many products and can't seem to get the updated MSDS's. They are very hard to contact by phone. We are going through a VPP audit, and by OSHA Standards all manufacturers are to keep MSDS's up to date, no longer than 3 years old from date received." International Paper, Inc.
"I've been requesting a an msds sheet for a new product we are buying. I've made several phone calls and have gotten nowhere. I need a copy ASAP before this product can be coded into our system. I have product holding for weeks and I have customers who are waiting." Caligor Medical Supplies
"Dear Sirs, We are the Beijing International School and we keep in excess of 700 different types of chemicals on site. It would make so much sense for us to be able to go to a single database of MSDS to up-date our MSDS manual. Obviously we appreciate good service and try to support companies that provide us with the service we need to operate safely. We have the option of buying supplies in the local market but continue to support overseas companies on the basis that they provide a level of service not easily found in China. However, we do have to approach each company individually during our audits and that is time consuming and very expensive. The danger is that at some point it will no longer be viable to purchase from overseas companies, particularly as the Chinese companies are getting the message on service. I hope the manufacturers take note of your campaign and support it." International School Beijing
"I love your website! Especially the news items." Advanced Glazing Systems Ltd.
"I am in charge of maintaining our HAZMAT ORM-D MSDS files. I have found it increasingly difficult to obtain MSDS from vendors on line. This normally turns in to a very time consuming project for me each month. I am looking for a way to make this easier and faster to obtain this much needed information. If you could please add your company to this MSDS search site and make the forms available to print, I know I would use this service monthly and would greatly appreciate this." McKesson Medical-Surgical
"I require a copy of an MSDS for your Chiron RIBA HCV 3.0 Strip Immunblot assay. I am finding the task of obtaining one impossible. A link from your website to downloadable MSDSs of your products would be fantastic." Australian Red Cross Blood Service
"Why aren't you in here?" Pavillon International
"I recently e-mailed W.R. Grace and requested an msds for Film 0940. The msds we currently have is very old and outdated." The Procter and Gamble Company
"I need to get the MSDS in Spanish for the following product: Ford FN 1996 ATF. South America Ford Motor Company operations are requesting the MSDS in Spanish for purchasing approval process. MSDS in the appropriate language is a Health and Safety requirement. You will not able to sell this product in SA if you don't comply with this requirement." Ford Motor Company
"I LOVE this Website and the service it provides. I use it many times a day, and it rarely disappoints. Thanks for making finding MSDS's so easy!" Eastman Kodak Company
"I am the Assistant Principal of a Department of Defense DS school in Korea. I have to have MSDS forms to go with products that we have ordered. It is part of my semi-annual inspection requirements." Osan American ES
"Excellent Site, loads of good helpful info. Thanks" AON Risk Management
"It would be very helpful to have your products listed on the search page. We continuously try to update our msds binders and we use many of your products." Louisiana State University Medical Center
"I work for a Public School system and I need a way to get MSDS sheets easily!" Boonville, AR Public Schools
"Equate Products are carried by Wal-Mart Stores, The manufacturers vary so the MSDS are very difficult to find. We need a data base with Equate products listed in one place" Martha LLoyd Community Services
"Having MSDS's available on the internet saves time for both me and for the company I am doing research for." Technical Coatings Laboratory LLC
"We are a construction company in Mexico, working for Chrysler. Our client requires us to have all the MSDSs of products that we are using." Marhnos Alberici Construcciones
"Availability of product ingredient information is absolutely fundamental to consumer choice. Without that information, we can't make individual choices, particularly when specific allergies and personal sensitivity to certain chemicals may be involved." Fisherman Publishing Society
"It has become increasingly more difficult to manage the MSDS in a rapidly growing laboratory such as ours. One site, easily accessible through the internet, with all MSDS in a central location is exactly what we've been looking for." Forest Research Institute
"We use many of the products manufactured by these company's' and have a relatively hard time acquiring MSDS' via the internet. Listing all of your products, would be a very big help." Michigan Laborers Training & Apprenticeship Institute
"Please make your products MSDS ready for us, some time soon, it is to much of a hum-bug to go and call your companies and then have to wait 5-7 business days for it to come in the mail. Please hurry, time is crucial." Kahi Mohala Behavioral Health Care
"Some companies have excellent web sites where you can search partial names etc. or old msds #'s. Others, however, seem to come up with nothing whatever when you search. MSDS's for base chemicals are a problem but the worst has to be tracking down products when the company has been sold and split up. There has to be an easier way to track products. Some take a lot of research to find out who the new distributor is." Trimac Transportation
"Your MSDS information is necessary for people to know what is in the product and what precautions, if any, are required to protect themselves from harm in using any chemical based products." LOK Energy Services Inc.
"It would certainly be helpful if information could be found in a central location." Scott & White Memorial Hospital and Clinic
"Quill is one of my largest suppliers. I am required to provide MSDS information on products that we purchase for our staff. I am unable to find any for Quill Brand products. If we can not provide MSDS information as required by law on products we purchase for our staff, then we will no longer be able to purchase those products. I like Quill prices, but I need the MSDS information more then the savings!" State of Ohio
"I am a safety consultant and I deal with several different companies and I find this site invaluable. My clients range from hotels, construction, government and manufacturing." Gauthier Safety Consulting  
"We are a Boss contractor at Naval Air Station, Fallon Nevada. We handle 90% of the station operations. We use products from almost all industries. and are always searching for MSDS's. Having one source to go to would be a great help." Chugach Corp
"I'm writing you to request msds's for your products that I have and will be purchasing in the near future for my unit. Without the msds's for these products my unit will not be allowed to legally store these products on it's premises. Which means we will not purchase any of the products. The importance of these msds's are that of high priority. My unit will be going through a hazmat inventory inspection within the next month or so and all msds's must be available on request." Marine Corps Air Station, FL
"Maintaining current MSDSs for our company is an arduous task. Every month we review our sheets to see what is expired. That is the easy part. It then takes us weeks, if not months to get a valid msds whether we go through our suppliers of the manufacturers. There has to be a more efficient way for us to fulfill our obligation to employees." Dynamic Specialty Vehicles Ltd.



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