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MSDS-SEARCH was founded in 1992 to help clients find solutions to their MSDS problems by building and maintaining their Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) libraries. We assume the responsibility for the administrative maintenance of the library by contacting manufacturers on a periodic basis to request new copies of the data base records, comparing the MSDS received to the one in the data base, and downloading any updates or changes in those files to the client library.

MSDS-SEARCH is designed to be a reliable starting point for exchange of MSDS documents - a single contact point for suppliers and users of MSDSs where both parties are assured that the MSDSs exchanged meet the requirements of being "the most current document" and "from the manufacturer". Our mission is  the electronic connection of manufacturers, distributors, customers, government agencies, transporters, and emergency responders in a single, international, data base with all MSDSs available in text format at no cost to users. Through a long-term commitment to this purpose, we can reduce administration costs for providers and users and realize economies of scale that will remove billions of dollars of waste from the current system. The mission critical information we provide will enhance profits, make our workplaces and communities safer, facilitate the treatment and reduce the severity of injuries, and save lives. In our leadership role, we believe our first responsibility is to the manufacturers and chemical product users who use this service. We are in the communications business and sell no software. MSDS-SEARCH is a free service to anyone with Internet access (See our Statement of Position).   

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